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Easy, custom, disruption-free cloud migrations. Move your servers, applications, desktops, or entire IT to the cloud


Migrate your entire IT to the cloud

Wish you could just copy-paste your IT from your office to the cloud? That’s essentially what lift-and-shift is, though it’s a little more complicated than that. To the end-user your IT may seem the same, maybe with a different login or connection process, but on the back end a lot of planning, setup, configuration, and testing has to be done. That’s why you bring in a firm like XO to help.

Move to the cloud with minimal disruption.
Great option if you rely on legacy applications.
Also a great option if you want to get all the benefits of the cloud but don’t want to change too much.

Also called: IaaS, virtual private cloud, hosted IT infrastructure


Migrate your desktops & applications to the cloud

Cloud virtual desktops are web-based Windows desktops. Deploying them isn’t as simple as pressing a button though. XO can help you plan, migrate, set up, configure, secure, manage, and maintain your cloud virtual desktops. We support multiple different deployment options, including Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365.

They’re a great option for businesses with a large remote workforce or are going in that direction.
No more having to buy server or workstation hardware, and you get the advantage of the cloud provider’s billion-dollar investments in security, redundancy, and reliability.

Also called: Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Desktop as a Service, Hosted Desktops, Cloud VDI


Make Legacy Applications New

Have an old legacy application that you still use? We can help you migrate applications like these to the cloud, including by running a hardened instance of an old OS in the cloud, re-programming your software to be cloud native, or shifting into a cloud native application or SaaS program.

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