Azure Virtual Desktops

Microsoft's Cloud-Based PCs

Managed 24/7, Remote Work-Ready, Secure & Centralized, No New Hardware Needed


The Perfect Solution for
Remote & Hybrid Work

Azure Virtual Desktops are the perfect IT infrastructure for businesses with remote workers. Access them from anywhere with any device. Employees’ desktops are wherever they are, while your data stays in Microsoft’s secure data centers.

Azure Virtual Desktops

Full-featured, highly-customizable hosted virtual desktops. The recommended option for any business over 10 users.

Windows 365

Hosted virtual desktops with limited customization and centralization. Best if you only have a few remote workers.

Other VDI & DaaS Solutions

Prefer to go with another option? Maybe you have an existing XenDesktop or Horizon View VDI deployment you want to move to the cloud instead of switching to AVD? We can help with that too.

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