Azure Managed Services

Azure Made Easy

The cloud may seem easy, but it’s actually pretty complicated to maintain. Let XO manage it so you don’t have to.


Azure Doesn't Manage Itself.
That's What XO Is For.

Some people think Azure is a set-it-and-forget-it service like Microsoft 365. You still have to secure and manage it like an onsite IT environment. Or you can have XO manage it for you so you don’t have to worry about it, and avoid the cost of hiring a full, in-house Azure specialist.


Secure What Microsoft Doesn't

Microsoft physically protects its data centers, and also secures its hosting infrastructure with a state-of-the-art security system. But you’re still responsible for securing your OS, applications, and data. XO can take of that for you, too.


Get Faster & More Comprehensive Support

Azure only provides support for the Azure platform, not for any operating systems or applications you host on it. XOcan support everything from your backend to your applications, and offer SLA response times as low as 5 minutes.


Cloud Made Simple

Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from Azure. We’ll take of everything from migration to management, so you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud without any worries like:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Remote work ready
  • Flexible – scale up & down as needed
  • Back up to data centers around the world

Speak with an Azure expert today!


Always have an expert set of eyes on your IT
24/7/365 monitoring of your environment by an award-winning team of experts.


Advanced protection from security threats
Experts using advanced tools to protect your environment 24/7/365.


Keeping your IT a well-oiled machine
Preventing issues from occurring to your environment in the first place with careful, strategic maintenance of your IT.

Tech Support

Award-winning IT support
Fast, friendly, and convenient tech support for you and your employees. We’re the team you know you can call at any time and get something fixed quickly.


Quick IT problem resolution
When bad things happen, our experts spring into action. We respond to and resolve urgent alerts and support requests as quickly as possible.

Backups & DR

Protect your data from danger
Managed data backups and disaster recovery services to protect you from data loss due to incidents like theft, fires, malware infection, and deletion.


Always have the latest and greatest
Keeping your systems up-to-date so you have all the latest software features and are protected from known vulnerabilities.


Stay informed and in control
Optional add-on to give you complete visibility into your IT on a weekly or quarterly basis.


Get the high-level advice you need
Advisory services to help you go beyond maintaining the status quo, and think of ways to improve and optimize your IT to help you reach your business’s goals.

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