Top 5 Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Top 5 Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud: From Financial to Security

Top 5 Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud: From Financial to Security

The cloud continues to be a much-discussed term and system in helping businesses become more efficient, though you may still be confused on what it exactly does. While everything has pros and cons, the comprehensive benefits of using the cloud for all your business needs far outweigh the negatives. Once you’ve made a decision to take things forward, take a look at the top 5 benefits of moving your business to the cloud and an insight into the must-have technologies for business. You’ll soon see why most businesses will likely be cloud-based within the coming decade.

1. Connecting an Entire Network

With the cloud, you’re going off one network that connects everything in you business, including telecommunications. That may be the most important element of the cloud in an age when proper communication can mean saved time and money. Most of all, the connectivity to mobile devices allows a business to conduct business anywhere in the world. In the age of the cloud, all the work necessary to run a business can be done remotely without having to congregate in one particular place.

2. Saving Money on Buying Hardware and Software

The cloud helps save money in numerous ways, and it can provide different services internally rather than requiring you to spend money on hardware or software. Usually known as “Xaas” (Anything-as-a-service), the cloud can provide everything from software, security, infrastructure, a platform, and just about anything else right through the Internet. These are available at all times with the added benefits of providing round-the-clock support. Even better, since the cloud is live, you’ll get consistent updates to keep everything current.

3. Reliable Data Backup

Some might put this at #1 as the most important cloud element. Regardless, it’s true that backing up your data and having it instantly retrievable is a mandatory part of a business’s disaster plan. Disaster recovery is a major issue today for businesses, especially after Hurricane Sandy last year in New York City. The cloud can store all of your data safely, plus continuously save new data on an hourly basis. When you need to recover that data, it can be brought back almost immediately.

4. Going Green

With everything you need to run a business being internalized in the cloud, you can ultimately help the environment by not investing in physical hardware. Thanks to environmental awareness being ubiquitous now in all businesses and companies, it gives the cloud even more attractiveness. Most businesses also enjoy having the added space without having to worry about hooking up cumbersome equipment.

5. Being Future Ready for Big Data

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “big data” going around. That and the cloud are soon going to be working in tandem to create a true renaissance in how a business will be run. Big data processes cumulative information from numerous sources to a point of making more accurate predictions on how things should be done. None of that could happen without the massive storage capability of the cloud. Even though big data is just now getting started, having the cloud now can get you ready for it once it emerges as a mainstream tool.

Keep in mind the above benefits won’t matter unless you have a reliable cloud service. You can be assured of that through XO IT Services. We’re a locally managed and comprehensive IT service provider in Los Angeles, California that can give you a well-prepared cloud plan.

Contact us so we can start working with you on which elements of the cloud would best be suited for your business.

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