Top 3CX Alternatives You Can Use Right Away


When it comes to selecting VoIP, PBX and contact center tools, the market offers a plethora of reliable options. Choosing the right software itself is a big task and getting exactly the same benefits that your business requires makes it even harder. 

Among the numerous popular cloud phone systems, 3CX is a commonly used and well-known software that comes with remarkable functionality and reliability across mobile devices, desktops, and other conventional phone handsets. But due to the recent security breach incidents and lack of some critical features like instant messaging, advanced analytics, and activity dashboard, some of you must be looking for possible alternatives to improve your business security and productivity. 

In this post, We have taken the time to discuss the top 3CX alternatives where we’ve mentioned the main features and pricing to make an informed decision. 


Servetel is an amazing tool that comes with the capabilities to manage your business calls on a cloud where you can access real-time data seamlessly. With Servetel, you can run multiple missed call campaigns and easily stay connected to build your business and relationship with clients.

Servetel is developed by Servetel Communications which allows you to use interactive voice response IVR to manage calls without depending upon too many employees. You can check out over 2000 customer testimonials and get a free trial.

Key Features:

  • Voice broadcasting
  • Virtual number to manage campaigns
  • Toll-free number to create a brand value
  • Call forwarding & routing
  • Real-time analytics

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VirtualPBX is an award-winning voice and text messaging tool that is developed by to make your business communication better and easier. This is a wonderful tool that offers top-notch customer service and free 24×7-365 days of customer support. 

It comes with default settings that allow you to tweak your system as per your business and individual needs. VirtualPBX offers various control levels like simple users, departmental managers, and systems administrators. It offers three different plans flex, pro and premium, you can choose any one as per your business requirements. 

Key Features:

  • Send and receive business SMS.
  • HD voice and video calling
  • Auto attendant
  • Automatic Call Distribution queues 

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It is a fully-featured business virtual phone system that assists in improving productivity, tracking individual & team performance, and diminishing communication costs.

CallHippo is a cloud-based software that allows you to send recorded voice messages to multiple people. It comes with a smart call-forwarding feature to stay connected all the time. The pricing range is between $22 to $ 52 per user/monthly.

Key Features:

  • Call routing and monitoring
  • Call recording and tracking
  • Voice broadcasting
  • Speech analytics 
  • Power dialer

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Grasshopper is a fantastic software that provides multiple extensions like business texting, call forwarding, and voicemail to its users in a single place. Grasshopper provides both desktop and mobile apps for its users. This software allows you to increase your local visibility and handle your business smoothly. 

Key Features:

  • Call forwarding and incoming call control 
  • Simultaneously call handling
  • Voicemail transcription 
  • VoIP/ Wi-fi calling
  • Business texting

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OpenPhone is another great 3CX alternative software that is designed to offer dozens of features to give your business calls, messages, and contacts into one delightful app. It costs $ 20 (per user) monthly. 

OpenPhone is a fully-featured business phone software designed to serve SMEs, startups, agencies, and enterprises. OpenPhone provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web apps. This business phone system offers call monitoring, mobile access, call recording, call management, and IVR / voice recognition in one place.

Key Features:

  • Customize your phone numbers
  • Design your ideal call flow
  • Call recording
  • Send auto replies & scheduled messages

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iPlum is another marvelous app for businesses that offers the best quality calling in any situation. This tool lets you attach your signature to your text and automatically sends smart messages with ease. 

It is diligently designed to play a greeting and transfer calls from more than one extension without going through an operator or receptionist. With its auto-attendant feature, your business will never miss sales calls or customer service. It costs $11.99 per user annually and $14.99 monthly.

Key Features:

  • Secure and auto-text reply
  • Provides out-of-office greetings
  • Porting number and online fax
  • Business phonebook CRM
  • Dual calling reliability

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DialerHQ is designed to offer cost-effective communication, advanced features, and maximum flexibility to bring your SMB communication experience to the next level. This cloud-based phone system offers a free trial for ten days and cost $12 per user monthly. 

DialerHQ provides smart features like data-driven analytics that assist in monitoring your business performance in real-time and making informed decisions.

Key Features: 

  • Enable high customization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Role-based access control
  • IVR capabilities
  • Multiple-level call transfer

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UniTel Voice

Unitel Voice is a terrific phone system that offers dozens of features like call tracking, blocking, forwarding, scheduling, transferring, and many more.

With UniTel Voice, you can pick your local and toll-free number. It is a 4.5-star rated tool that ensures your business sounds professional and helps in staying connected with every single plan. It offers a 30-day free trial and costs $ 29.99 monthly for office access. 

Key Features:

  • Free professional recording
  • Live USA-based customer support
  • Dial by-name dictionary
  • Custom greetings
  • Employee and department extensions

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Wrap Up:

With the continuous rise of remote working and distributed teams, many businesses are relying on advanced software to boost their productivity and workflow. The majority of the organization has already adopted cloud phone systems and private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems to communicate between in-house teams and departments. You can choose any of the systems from the above-mentioned list to fulfill your business needs and demands. 


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