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Why Cloud Services Are The Best Thing to Happen To You Business

With so many technological trends promising to cut costs, shortcut tasks, and boomerang ROI, it’s hard for businesses to know what trend to invest in, especially when so many fads are dying out quickly.

Yet, business that don’t adapt get outpaced and trampled on by their competition. Fortunately, one sure trend that won’t go anywhere for a very long time is cloud computing.

Rather than invest in installing and maintaining costly IT infrastructure, cloud services saves you on bandwidth, streamlines the work process, and let’s you access documents, reports, and important data from any mobile device such as smartphones and tablets, anytime you need to.
80 percent of businesses that adopted the cloud into their model saw improvements in only a short 6 months.

So what are cloud services, and how will it help your business?

Cuts Costs and Flattens Learning Curve
There is no denying that cloud services cut down tremendous costs for your business. You don’t need to invest in new hardware or costly software. You simply pick a provider that’s aligned with your business, and upload what you want. It does all the heavy lifting of a personal computer, without the need to periodically upgrade.

Nearly 82 percent of businesses that implemented cloud services saved bucket loads of money by cutting down costs of IT support and on-premise software.

It’s also really user-friendly and doesn’t require hours of study and courses to use. A lot of software, such as Business Intelligence, not only require huge installation costs, but also need a sophisticated understanding and deep knowledge to use.

Access it Anywhere, Anytime, From Any Device
Cloud servers are stored in some magical place on the web. What’s magical about this place is that any employee no matter where they are can access important documents and reports provided they have internet. It’s a 24 hour service that’s accessible anywhere around the globe.
According to one study, “73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones and regions at least monthly”. That job becomes easier because cloud computing lets employees work together on reports collaboratively. They can also receive updates from colleagues in real-time.

This does wonder for your ROI. A survey conducted by Frost and Sullivan found that companies that used cloud services to collaborate had a 400% return on investment.

Data Recovery and Storage
Many businesses often look at the bright side to their own downfall. They assume disaster will never strike, and disruptive events always happen to other businesses, not their own.

The reality is that disaster comes without an invitation, and there is no way knowing when. However, you can protect your businesses without investing a lot in off-site hardware, encryption technology, and IT support.

By storing data in the cloud – if disaster should strike – you can easily get all the data you need to get your site up and running again. While it certainly doesn’t replace a comprehensive business continuity plan, the cloud still serves as an effective safety net if your business should ever go offline.

It’s been shown that businesses that use the cloud to store their data, resolve any disruptive issues an average of 2 hours quicker (4x) than businesses without the cloud.

If you haven’t adopted cloud computing into your business, now is the time. XO provides the best cloud service management in the Los Angeles area. To know more about cloud services, contact us and talk with one of our representatives today.

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