Why Cloud Computing Is Popular Among Los Angeles Businesses

Cloud computing can seem complex because the name really gives no clue as to what it is about. This initially caused slower adoption, but now that it’s getting easier to find out the details, more and more companies are picking it up. Here is some information about the practice and why it’s beneficial for businesses to use it:

What is Cloud Computing?

Basically, it’s a system that moves software out of the customer’s location and puts it on remote computers. These remote systems are owned and operated by a variety of companies. The end result is that software and services that once were purchased on a one-time basis have become subscription-based.

Why Subscribe to Software?

When people first learn about this, they often balk at the idea of paying for software on an ongoing basis. However, once all of the costs of the former ownership model are added up, it can turn out to be cheaper to use the cloud. This is because the cost of software ownership goes beyond the initial price of the software itself. Hardware upgrades may be required to run the program, software upgrades often cost money, IT personnel are needed for software of advanced complexity, and peripheral software – such as plugins – may be needed to get the most out of the purchased program.
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Other Benefits of Using the Cloud

The most obvious benefit of moving to cloud computing in Los Angeles is lower costs. There’s no need to worry about upgrading hardware to meet the ever-expanding needs of modern software. Your company also won’t have to pay the full cost of expensive licenses up front. With enterprise-level software, this can amount to thousands of dollars’ worth of savings for each program.
An equally important benefit is that there is no need to worry about the overall process of upgrading. With cloud computing, the service provider will do it all from their side – automatically. There’ll be no need to worry about downtime, transferring data, or other upgrade-related hassles. Established software companies will take care of everything seamlessly, and in most cases, the most you’ll have to deal with is a pop-up that informs you that you are now running the new version.
Cloud computing can also provide better security than the average business has on its own. Big software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies patch vulnerabilities as soon as they’re detected. They also have the latest security suites and teams of professionals dedicated to keeping everything safe. When your company signs on, it gains the benefit of all of this expertise and corporate power for a relatively small price.
Finally, cloud computing is very scalable. You’ll never have to worry about outgrowing it because expanding is as simple as upgrading your subscription. There’ll be no need to buy new hardware in order to keep up. This also works in reverse – if you have a seasonal downturn, you won’t have to pay for unused capacity.
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Which Cloud Computing Services Should We Get?

This is a question that is discussed at many companies that are considering switching to this new way of doing things. There is no set answer. Each business has to consider its own needs and choose the solutions that best fill them. In this regard, cloud services are no different from old-fashioned purchased ones.
One of the best ways to arrive at a quick and accurate answer is to contact us here at XO and set up a consultation. We keep tabs on all of the current offerings and can match your company with the right ones. We also watch the directions various cloud computing services are taking, so we can point out which ones are likely to be able to evolve along with your business. Our consultation service will save you plenty of time and let you proceed in an efficient and sure-footed manner.

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