What Happens when your IT Support Person Quits?

What Happens when your IT Support Person Quits?

Have you ever had the dilemma of having your IT person resign without warning, leaving your company without efficient managed IT support services? It happens more often than one would think. Good business planning involves planning for every contingency. So when this happens, you need to have an IT plan in place. Will you use current staff who know a little bit about technology?
How will you recover all of your administrative passwords? Is your system documentation up to date? Will you hire a temporary IT person from an IT staffing company? Wheather you decide to transition to IT managed services or hire internally, here are some things you can do in the interim to make the transition as smooth as possible:

IT Support Helps You In Smooth Transition

  1. Compile a list of IT resources, passwords and procedures
  2. Check cloud drives and backup locations to make sure they are in working order.
  3. Make sure all virus scanning software is in proper working order on all computers, especially if they are on a network.

It is sometimes necessary to temporarily train someone in the office to do these tasks and even take them off of their other jobs for a brief period of time in order to have them focus on IT support services until you can find a replacement. But this results in down time in their department while they are wearing the hat of your now “at large” IT person.
Is there another solution? YES! Outsource your IT department to a company you can trust and assign the problems to them. You would need a company who is used to a variety of potential issues, can troubleshoot problems on-the-fly and is happy to help you make it through the transition.

If you don’t know what to do when your IT person resigns, and you need immediate IT support services, and don’t have time to wait, contact us. We are IT experts and we are standing by to help with your every IT issue, as it arises. We can also help you on a regular basis if you like. Try us out and take us for a test drive. Then, if you like what we do, keep us on. We love IT and we’re here to help. So when your IT guy or gal bails out, call on us! (866-808-9901)

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