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One of L.A.’s most vibrant neighborhoods is the city of West Hollywood, where the very best of Southern California culture, art, food, and music collide. Nicknamed the “Creative City,” this area nestled between Hollywood and Beverly Hills also boasts a thriving business life, housing some of the country’s best companies. Ticketmaster, House of Blues, Suissa Miller Advertising, and many other world-class businesses are headquartered in WeHo and fulfill the role of the city’s highest employers.

XO fulfills an equally important role by providing companies like these with IT services and support in West Hollywood. Companies of every scale operate largely in the technological world, and computers are an absolute necessity for business. However, everyone finds it necessary to save money where they can, and XO allows you to get the best support by outsourcing that work to us.

As a local Los Angeles company, we offer 24/7 availability for your every IT need. Our specialists are well versed in:

  • Server and network monitoring
  • Data monitoring and analysis
  • Offsite and onsite services
  • System maintenance and management
  • Technological advising and training
  • Problem resolution
  • Post-incident response
  • Alert and notification systems

Our mission is to have all day, every day availability, so our clients never have to worry or stress about getting tech support. Whether they need to address a specific issue, some kind of system emergency, or just some good old-fashioned maintenance, businesses can turn to XO for same-day results. We are dedicated to putting our knowledge to good use for all of your West Hollywood IT outsourcing needs.

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