Advantages of IT Outsourcing

Why it Makes Sense to Outsource to IT Support Providers

Without a question of doubt, technology plays a decisive role in the age of rapid acceleration, globalization, and business growth. Constant online presence enables businesses to thrive in the industry, facilitates the ease of communication among professional partners and clients, ensures the efficiency of daily operation and production, and keep pace with tight and rising competition.

To clinch the advancement in profit and revenue, it is also essential for companies to have a quality website and maintain its constant online presence. Top-notch content tailored to meet and sustain the interest of the intended market should be in place. As of July 2019, Statista recorded a total of 4.33 billion active internet users. Out of this total number, 3.484 billion are social media users. This provides an opportunity for businesses to harness the potential of the digital world and engage its active population using various online networking sites.
However, fulfilling these daily operations requires skills and adequate technologies. The logistics include computers, up-to-date software programs, data storage, backup and management, cloud engineering, cybersecurity, system operations, as well as network monitoring, among others.
Recognizing the demands and requisites needed to mobilize the power of information technology, companies are beginning to invest in outsourced IT service providers.  Deloitte revealed that 78% of business enterprises globally – from start-ups to large corporations – registered satisfaction in outsourcing IT support, specifically in regards to optimal performance and a conducive business environment.
Aside from this, more than 90% of commercial organizations have already outsourced cloud management and applications in their day to day operations. These services not only made the business enterprises more capable and responsive to the demands of the fast-changing market; more importantly, it enables them to allot greater focus on core business procedures and maximize the firm’s internal resources in attaining a more definite goal.

Advantages of outsourcing

In the United States, outsourced IT support providers are gaining ground and popularity. This year, the number of companies that opted to avail these services is 57% higher than 2018. Companies cited reduction in overhead expenses and increase in-house efficiency, significant improvement in the quality of specialized tasks, cyber security, and increased customer engagement as the main reasons for outsourcing their IT support.

  • Reduction in labor and IT operation costs

It cannot be argued that having and maintaining an IT department is an expensive endeavor. The average pay of IT experts ranges from $97,000 to $142,000. Business Systems Analyst or those who assess automated systems and company data are paid anywhere between $78,500 to $108,750. Data Security Analyst and Cyber-security personnel’s rate fall somewhere between $83,250 and $124,500. Aside from this, an efficient and functional tech department requires an up-to-date IT and cloud infrastructure complete with servers, latest programs and software, network connections, and systems security.

This staggering cost can be curved by redistributing these undertakings to professional and reliable agencies. Outsourcing IT support not only provides an opportunity for business enterprises to tap distinct individuals with exceptional IT capabilities; it also saves them from incurring additional expenses normally associated with personnel training, taxes, health insurance, hazard pay, as well as employee retirement plan.

  • Improvement in company focus

It is impractical for businesses to handle several responsibilities at the same time. Non-focused strategy leads commercial ventures, especially start-ups and medium enterprises, to run the risk of survival and poor performance. According to Harvard University Review, this approach is not anchored in the firm’s inability to perform an action but to its inability to plan and execute the appropriate and precise action. Declining market competitiveness, significant reduction in investors’ interests, and stagnation of the capital and revenue are common outcomes of this.
External IT agencies counter these impacts. Aside from cost efficiency and competitive advantage, outsourcing the firm’s responsibilities, especially the non-core company activities, enables business ventures to hone the primary features of the company and allot greater focus in building customer engagement. By utilizing the capability of external IT experts in handling these operational requirements, businesses can lobby its resources and develop new market approaches, innovate products, and refine client acquisition blueprint.

  • Information and cybersecurity

The shift of the commercial terrain from physical to digital landscape both accelerated technological progress and rendered more than 2 billion websites vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Cybercrimes, particularly digital scams and ransomware, account for $2 trillion loses in 2019. Start-ups and small enterprises are the primary target of these cyber attacks. This is due to their significantly low investment on cyber security. More than 57% of commercial ventures have experienced DoS attacks, phishing, hacking, information leaks, and social engineering.

Data security is one of the top concerns of outsourcing companies. IT support services heavily invest in cyber and data protection technology, programs and techniques so as to provide optimal security to its clients. One of the chief benefits of outsourcing it is the establishment of a reliable partnership with an IT professional. This consociation strengthens the credibility of the firms in the market, specifically those who gather sensitive and vital information from their clients.

  • Increase customer engagement

In the information highway where competition is stake high, the capacity of the business to provide a reliable support system to its clients put the firm at a tactical advantage. Companies thrive on credibility and reputation. The capacity to answer and address the client’s inquiries is one of the most fundamental requirements in maintaining market credibility and customer trust. This not only provides an edge in an extremely demanding and globalized environment; it also empowers the businesses with flexibility in tailoring its approach based on the exigencies and available resources.

By outsourcing IT support to the right partner, companies can have the guarantee of delivering quality customer care and optimal services at a cost efficient price. Outsource IT agencies support the firm in developing a blueprint for customer management and strategies while taking into account the existing cultural nuances and other relevant conditions present in the market.

Businesses especially nowadays thrive on technology. It builds credibility, reliance, and customer trust. Technology helps companies adapt to fast changing conditions in a globalized and highly competitive environment. At XOverture, commercial firms and organizations can enjoy the services of exceptional and highly skilled IT professionals. With its up-to-date technology and infrastructure, XOverture tailors its approach in a way that facilitates the achievement of business goals and objectives. Ensure your competitiveness by contacting us today!

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