Use Our Outsourced Help Desk When Things Go Wrong

Use Our Outsourced Help Desk When Things Go Wrong in the Middle of the Night

An outsourced help desk can be a true lifeline if you operate a business that runs 24 hours a day. It can even be helpful for businesses that run normal business hours, yet have office employees working on computer systems in the a.m. hours. Unfortunately, when things go wrong in IT, they frequently seem to happen at the worst possible times. And when something goes technically wrong in the middle of the night, it can put a business to a standstill when everyone arrives in the morning. This can lead to downtime for hours if no one was around to fix the problem.

Here at XO IT Services in Los Angeles, we provide a lot of different IT services, though our outsourced help desk is going to help you around the clock. It’s a service that’s essential if you have employees working in the late hours, yet have no real expertise in fixing IT issues. This includes a possible in-house IT team that probably won’t be available at night.
What could possibly go wrong in the thick of night where you can use our services to get repaired before daytime staff arrive in the morning?

Technical Issues When the World Sleeps
Servers could easily go down while you’re conducting business in the a.m. hours. Many businesses run 24 hours now, especially for online sales. Especially during the holidays soon arriving, many people might be shopping on your site overnight from different time zones. The last thing you want is your server melting down right when those orders are coming in. If it’s not fixed by morning, this is going to continue for hours into the next business day.

Other times, it could be you simply have staff working on projects late at night at the company premises. You may be closed for business, yet those employees may need to use the company computers to get a project done on a deadline. If a technical problem arises, or a virus hits all the computers, everything could go down in an instant. When that project needs to be completed before morning, it could harm your business in ways you probably can’t see coming.

With our 24/7 help desk, we’ll be there for you to get the issue fixed efficiently. When you use our Managed IT Service in conjunction with the help support, you’re going to have us on the issue immediately. In fact, with managed IT, you may not even have to call because we’ll already know that something is wrong. We’ll do everything we can to get it fixed in the a.m. hours before you and your staff come to work.

Using our services, you won’t have to even worry about the nightmare of downtime, particularly during the holiday season when you need everything to be running optimally at all times.

Contact us here at XO IT Services so we can set you up with our outsourced help desk option as part of our managed services. Never keep your business running all night without an expert team that has real world experience on getting IT issues fixed fast and done right.

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