Top 5 benefits of Using Office 365

Top 5 benefits of Using Office 365

Top 5 Benefits of Using Office 365

If you are considering updating the programs that are running on your offices computers, you may be struggling to decide whether the traditional version of Office that is currently running on your offices computers, or an updated Office 365 for business would be best for your businesses needs. There are many benefits to making the shift to Office 365; however, if you do not know very much about the new features and benefits that Office 365 provides, you may need some convincing before you will make the switch. Here are the top 5 benefits of rolling out Office 365, which should help you in making your decision.

  1. Greater Productivity: Improving the productivity of their employees is the goal of any business owner. Microsoft has put extensive effort into making sure that Office 365 is not only extremely user friendly, but they  also have put time into providing features that improve the productivity of the products users.
  2. Cost: One of the most important things that any business looks for is cost efficiency. Office 365 for business plans are extremely affordable considering the extensive services that they provide. With plans ranging from $4-$20 a month, there is a plan that will match the needs and budget of almost any business.
  3. Updates: Updates can be bothersome as they take time away that could be spent being productive when an employee has to install updates for a program. Luckily, Microsoft understands this, and Office 365 was created in a way that it takes care of updates, patches, and upgrades on its own without users having to worry about maintaining all of these issues.
  4. Easy Accessibility– Office 365 lives in and saves all files in the cloud. This means that you and your employees will have access to files on all Microsoft Office programs and tools from anywhere that you have an internet connection and from virtually any device, whether it is a laptop, cell phone, iPod, or tablet. This is a great usability feature, as users can access and change a file from anywhere they are, and then they can access the updated version again from the office making these processes much more efficient.
  5. Security: Many businesses fear using cloud services to store their documents, as they are worried that they can be easily hacked and accessed by others. However, Office 365 provides and an extremely reliable security system that only allows those who have security clearance to access documents and files. Businesses can set the security of any specific document or file, and Microsoft works hard to ensure that only those specified can access those files, which creates a peace of mind for businesses.

There are many benefits to using Office 365 for business, only a few of which we have touched on here. However, when you do decide to update to Office 365, you may be concerned about setting up the program and getting your business through the transition; this is where we can help.  Contact us; our IT services can help your business to start effectively using Office 365.

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