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Top 3 Ways a Virtual CIO can Benefit your Business

A virtual CIO (vCIO) is an outside contractor who serves as an organization’s chief IT officer. They’re highly skilled, industry-leading experts in all things IT systems and they work temporarily or intermittently alongside a business’s in-house IT department. When your cannabis business has you managing complex technology and IT services, a vCIO can be an invaluable asset. Let’s take a look at three reasons why!

Why do businesses hire virtual CIOs?

A business might need a vCIO if: 

  • Their IT department needs help with strategic planning
  • Their IT processes could do with an overhaul
  • They don’t have the means for a full-time, in-house CIO
  • They only require a CIO to cover a technological or other business transition
  • They’re struggling to complete a project and need to take the strain off

What does a virtual CIO do?

A virtual CIO could make all of the above a reality, as well as:

  • Align a company’s IT systems with their overall business objectives
  • Guide and ease technological migrations
  • Ensure a company meets its regulatory obligations
  • Offer a fresh-eyes approach to business alongside an in-house CIO

Just as a cannabis business relies on financial advisors for fiscal advise or a legal advisor for… well, legal advice, a vCIO is the go-to expert for IT and related systems advice. A vCIO helps a business uncover how they can best utilize technology to fulfill their objectives and needs. and ensures their technologies and IT systems meet relevant cannabis business regulations.
In case you’re not already busy Googling where to find your next vCIOs, here are three ways investing in one can benefit your business:

1. They’re highly flexible

A vCIO’s services are completely flexible. The level of assistance you get from them can ebb and flow alongside your business’s needs. All businesses could benefit from expert oversight, but many can’t afford to appoint full-time positions. With a vCIO, you get all of the benefits of a full-time CIO without the cost or commitment. This type of arrangement is particularly useful for small-scale cannabis, startups, scaleups and others with big dreams but tight budgets and uncertain futures.

2. They focus on the big picture

Whereas in-house staff can get bogged down in internal politics and ingrained habits, a vCIO can remain objective and focus on the bigger picture. It’s this narrow focus on wider objectives that drives success. A vCIO might pay more attention to the regulatory changes, tech developments and best practice trends that are often missed or delayed by in-house staff.

3. They play the long-game

From their lofty position, a vCIO can optimize and streamline business processes, reduce overheads and increase outputs. By staying objective, they can maximize a company’s return on IT investment. But, this long-term, strategic approach also means vCIOs are not afraid to suggest spending more on worthy investments. For example, they might suggest a business invests in cloud computing systems, better security or upgraded hardware. All of which are suggestions in-house staff is often too busy to consider or lack the confidence to push. 

To round things up…

A vCIO can be a powerful tool for savvy businesses. By virtue of being virtual, these experts offer unique insights and, given the opportunity, can implement future-altering actions for companies of all types. So find your game-changing virtual partner and watch your business grow.
At XO the security of your business is our top priority. Our dedicated team of modern IT professionals are eager to learn about and work with your company. Whether you operate in the cannabis, construction, or retail sector, we’re here to help you meet all your business security needs. Set your business on the secure path, contact us today!

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