How To Get The Most From Your Business Meetings

Making Your Business Meetings More Productive

How To Get The Most From Your Business Meetings

Meetings are a great way to bring your team together, collaborate, get a vision, and inspire action. They can also be a huge waste of time. Since time is money (especially the time of busy business owners), it is crucial that you make the most of your meetings. To help, here are some guidelines for increasing productivity the next time your team meets.

  • Have A Point: A regular weekly meeting can quickly become purposeless. Your Monday morning would be much better used cleaning out your inbox, so unless there is a pressing matter that needs to be regularly addressed, consider scrapping your regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Consider Standing: Rather than kicking back around your conference table, gather your team and have everyone stand for the duration of the meeting. This will encourage everyone to move through each item more efficiently, minimizing wasted time.
  • Finish With A Review: Before you wrap up, go around the room and have each person state their takeaway from the meeting. This will prevent members of your team from tuning out during the meeting and will ensure that everyone is on the same page about what you hope to accomplish.
  • Leave With Purpose: If you find yourself walking out of a meeting without an action item, that meeting was pointless. Meetings that are solely intended to share updates could just as easily be captured in an email or phone call, making better use of everyone’s time.

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