IT Support Options in Los Angeles

Professional IT support offers many options to businesses in the Los Angeles area. These options range from remote support for office employees to full management of company IT systems, so it’s easy for customers to get the exact level of IT service they need to keep their operations running efficiently.

Remote Tech Support

This option allows a support customer and its employees to call in for help. Much of this type of support involves telling customers how to operate software and fix bugs from their side. Some simple troubleshooting may be included as well. At many companies, this will take care of most of the questions that would otherwise bog down an IT department.

On Site Support

When calling in just isn’t enough, take things to the next level by signing up for managed on-site IT and tech support. On-site personnel can do things that can’t be done over the phone, such as installing new software, personally fixing hardware issues, and directly showing people how to do things. By outsourcing IT work, your company is freed from having to vet and hire individual employees. You also don’t have to worry about providing health insurance, worker’s compensation, or other perks that in-house employees would require. Instead, the company you hire takes care of those things, while you enjoy the benefits of having an IT staff.

IT Consulting

Sometimes, the problem isn’t running the computers and software, but knowing which computers and software you should have. Set up a consultation with us to get our recommendations for upgrades, new systems, and more. We can develop a custom solution that meets all of your IT needs.

Outsourced CIO Services

This is the best option for a company that wants to outsource every part of its IT operations. It combines consulting services with ongoing support. Once everything is set up and the support is in place, the customer doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Everything seemingly runs almost on its own and the IT service provider makes sure that it stays that way.

Questions About IT Services

Many people have questions and concerns about the prospect of outsourcing IT work. One of the most common is about the availability of the support staff. We are happy to say that our IT support people are available 24/7 whether you use our remote support services or have us set up an office at your location. You’ll never have to fear getting a message that says to call back “during business hours” because we know that when it comes to IT, every hour is a business hour.

Another concern that people often have is expense. Simply put, outsourcing IT is cheaper than hiring individual employees directly. By outsourcing, you eliminate the need to pay for vacations, bonuses, and the various forms of insurance and taxes that go with direct hiring. You also don’t have to pay the large premium required to get someone to be willing to be on call.
Security is another thing many people have questions about. By hiring a reputable IT company, you can relax knowing that your sensitive information won’t be misused. You’ll also be safer against outside hackers thanks to the security expertise of the outsourced experts. This is far better than setting up a system yourself and hoping nothing was missed, and far better than drafting an employee from an unrelated department to do the work.
With all of these benefits, there’s no reason not to outsource IT support to a Los Angeles company. To learn more about what we can do for you, just contact us here at XO IT Services. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide the perfect tech support and IT services package.

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