Staged Migration

Staged Migration Can Smooth the Transition in Exchange to Cloud Migrations

Many businesses would like to move more of their IT operations to the cloud, but are concerned about the possibility that their operations may suffer disruptions during the transition. This is particularly true of the email services, frequently provided by Microsoft Exchange, which have become a 24 hour a day stream of information upon which many businesses have become reliant for their very existence. Yet the financial advantages, data security and ubiquitous availability provided by the cloud make these exchange to cloud migrations almost a necessity to remain competitive.

Cloud Migrations for Small and Large Offices

For relatively small offices, where data-sets may be migrated in a matter of a few hours, this is of little concern; the mailboxes can be moved after normal business hours, re-synchronized after the transfer, and the servers switched over to the cloud. For larger data sets, where this approach is inappropriate, a “staged migration”, in which users are moved to the cloud in smaller, more manageable groups offers an effective solution. This migration may be conducted over the course of several weeks or months to ensure a smooth transition which is completely transparent to the users.

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