Managed Cloud Services

Should You Get In The Cloud?

How Utilizing Managed Cloud Services Could Serve Your Business

The numbers show that the average small business has seen the value of cloud services. While in 2009 small businesses only used 1 cloud service, in 2012 they used 4 and the number is projected to grow to 7 by the end of the year. Why are small businesses making the move to the cloud? Here are a few benefits of cloud computing.

  • Increased Efficiency: Once you begin utilizing the cloud, you do not have to concentrate on space or power requirements, freeing you up to focus on your core business.
  • Decreased Expense: Business owners are always looking for ways to minimize expenses to bring up the bottom line, and utilizing a cloud-hosted server can help them do just that. With this kind of service, you get large-scale computing power without large-scale cost and reduce your need for physical storage space.
  • Increased Access: When you utilize a cloud-hosted desktop, you can access your files from anywhere at any time. Forgot to bring that important document to your meeting? Stop by Kinko’s, grab it from the cloud, and print it out.
  • Decreased Risk: If a fire swept through your business property, would you still have access to the important records and data you need? If your information is in the cloud, you will. All of your data will be backed up off-site.
  • Increased Communication: When you save documents in the cloud, your team can all contribute to the documents to which you give them access. That means you can all collaborate together on projects, boosting productivity and welcoming creativity.

If you are interested in learning about how cloud computing services could help your business, Contact XO. Serving Los Angeles, California, we are experts in managed cloud services and are here to help your business make the move to the cloud so you can have more time and money.

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