Mobility and BYOD Solutions

Mobility and BYOD Solutions: How Resisting Mobility Can Cost Your Company

A recent article from Fed Tech Magazine discusses how even government agencies, which have a reputation of being slow to change, are adapting to a mobile work force. An important point mentioned in the article is that mobility isn’t really a debatable issue anymore. With the proliferation of different mobile devices and software for managing a mobile work force, managers who resist mobility or mismanage IT systems may wind up costing their company or organization lots of money.

Productivity and Efficiency
Employees who can work from anywhere, and who can flexibly use technology in a way that suits them, are likely to be more productive. They can more easily collaborate with people within and across organizations. They can also take advantage of new business opportunities that come up. They won’t have to wait to close a deal with a new client, forge a new business connection, or show off their product to potential customers; with a mobile device, they can have everything they need at their fingertips, no matter where they are or who they’re meeting with.
Mobility can also save money by reducing your overall spending on IT infrastructure or saving you on physical space. For instance, maintaining desks at your office could be wasting you money; with a more mobile workforce, you can cut down on desk space and even have employees share the same workstations at different hours.

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The Benefits Depend On Strong Mobility And BYOD Solutions

Any benefits your company may derive from a mobile workforce and from bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies won’t materialize without strong IT management.

Company managers need to develop ways to monitor productivity, set and track goals, and come up with policies for proper device use and security. But they can only do this effectively if they have support from IT experts.

An experienced IT company like XOverture will be able to advise companies on what devices to use, what infrastructure they’ll need, and what kinds of software (in particular, cloud-based software) they ought to adopt in order to ensure flexibility, security and efficiency for employees.

A Managed Service Provider can set everything up for you and then monitor it, preventing and fixing problems 24/7, and providing you with updates when needed. If you have the support of IT experts, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the opportunities, increased profits, and saved costs that greater mobility can bring to you.

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