Mobility and BYOD Solutions for your Los Angeles Business

Mobility and BYOD Solutions for your Los Angeles Business

Los Angeles may be known for its television and movie industry, but the City of Angels, like any city, has a much wider range of businesses, from law to industry to hospitality. One growing trend in business is towards mobility and BYOD solutions. BYOD means “Bring Your Own Device” and refers to companies allowing employees to use their own computing devices – cell phones, tablets, and laptops, in particular – rather than company-owned computers.

BYOD Solutions For Your Business

BYOD has a lot of advantages. Employees love it and it allows them to use devices with which they’re familiar. It also allows for greater mobility and productivity on the job since these devices go with the employee everywhere. However, implementing BYOD without proper procedures and protections in place can expose your business to risks: from viruses infecting your network to hackers accessing sensitive information. Keeping mobile devices up to date with new and updated software necessary for conducting business is no small task, either.
We know that businesses, especially medium to large businesses, often don’t have the time to implement their own BYOD solutions. Additionally, businesses of all sizes may not have the technical knowledge needed to protect devices on their network. That’s where our consultative IT services come in – we offer BYOD solutions for your business.

What we do is comprehensive management of mobile devices that covers all of the potential issues noted above. We offer a wide range of IT services, which include policy management, mobile security, and mobile setting configuration and management. We handle most iOS and Android devices. For the layperson, iOS is iPhones; most other major phone manufacturers, like Samsung, use Google’s Android operating system.

Proper management of BYOD is critical for efficiency and risk mitigation. You probably have official policies, like dress codes, at your business. Having a BYOD policy is no different and is just as critical. Contact us to learn more about XO managed IT services and what we can offer your Los Angeles-based business.

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