Mobility and BYOD Solutions: FiveThings to Consider

Mobility and BYOD Solutions: FiveThings to Consider

One of the best ways to trim expenses is to implement a “bring your own device” policy in the workplace. That doesn’t mean there aren’t drawbacks, as a BYOD policy can also have some challenges of its own. When it comes to mobility and BYOD, here are some things you should consider ahead of time.

#1. How tech-savvy are your employees?
If your employees are on the cutting edge of technology, odds are they have personal equipment that is up to date, and are also savvy enough to maintain it. Workers who are technologically challenged may have older equipment (or none at all) and require a great of assistance maintaining it. In that case, a BYOD policy could be more trouble than it is actually worth.

#2. What are the consequences for a security breach?
Businesses that handle sensitive personal, financial or medical data must exercise extreme caution when it comes to safeguarding data. In these instances, a BYOD policy may not be in a company’s best interest, since it increases the odds of a security breach tremendously.

#3. How many employees should bring their own devices?
Perhaps not everyone needs to bring their own devices to work. Some employees may only need to access information at work, while others would need to view it on the go. Allowing only select individuals to bring their own devices reduces the risk of a security breach tremendously. As such, you could be able to implement a BYOD policy on a limited basis, even if you do regularly deal with sensitive information.

#4. What is the forecast for hiring?
If you plan on hiring lots of new workers in the near future, implementing a BYOD policy ahead of the surge could essentially save you thousands of dollars in technology costs over the long haul. It also increases the odds that you’ll attract tech-savvy workers, since applicants without their own devices are less likely to seek employment with your firm.

#5. How will I keep my employees focused?
Keeping employees focused can be challenging enough when they use company-provided equipment, but it’s even more difficult when they use their own. Think about how you can keep employees focused without having them feel like you are constantly looking over their shoulder.
Keeping these things in mind will go a long way toward ensuring your BYOD policy works well for you and your employees. To find out more, contact us.

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