Microsoft Office 365 Partner

A Microsoft Office 365 Partner of Record Gives You get Maximum Benefit From Day One

Microsoft Office 365 has changed the shape of business and the ease of product integration beyond anything you’ve seen before.  Businesses everywhere are going from a web presence in the market to having an office on-line.  But, there is one issue you need to manage.
The New Office 365 program provides features and benefits that can give you numerous options and an office on-line that allows you to work by signing in not driving in.  If you want the real benefits you need a Microsoft 365 partner of record.  Don’t wait to get information or waste time learning about the many new features, your partner of record will optimize installation time, assess your needs, answer your questions, and if you choose can become your system administrator as well.

Microsoft 365: Having an Office Online

Microsoft guarantees 99.9% “uptime” and offers 24/7 tech support.  The challenge is to get what you need without wasting money on features you don’t or hours learning what your Microsoft partner can help you accomplish in a fraction of the time.  Starting from day one you’ll save phone time and stop the waste of  productive hours beginning with product installation.  Not only that but your Microsoft partner will stay with you year after year and your software will be updated quarterly.  So, you’ll never have to buy a new office suite again!

A few features include: Web conferencing with audio and HD video, intranet site for your whole team or smaller team groups, file sharing with 7GB for each user, and access to Office Program online and from tablets or cell phones.

Features like these allow you to notify all required staff in any group of meetings or other announcements through the company intranet.  Did I mention that you may not need your on-site server anymore?  Your MS office partner will.  Before you buy the next software program for your business, let us show you the benefits of Office 365 and an Office 365 Partner of record.

You already know that the technology is amazing, will help you grow, and saves time and money.  Let’s talk about the last thing you need to know.  How do you put it all together?  Easy; get yourself a new partner.  Contact us and we’ll get your installation and your employees up and running quickly and without wasting your valuable time. In the meantime, try a complimentary 30-day trial of Office 365 on us.

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