IT Support Services and Your Bottom Line

Businesses have become increasingly reliant upon their IT resources and for most, computer downtime translates directly to idle employees, missed sales opportunities, and losses on their business’s bottom line. That is why we are committed to providing the finest available IT support services for our clients in the Los Angeles area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many of the companies who call us for emergency service, especially during off hours, are happy to learn that we understand how they arrived at such a frustrating point in their relationship with a previous IT service vendor that they just had to call someone else, even though it was the middle of the night.

For them, and people like them, we created our “Bad IT Services” (BITS) Rescue(sm) service process. Once their emergency is resolved, we can come back and free them from those IT service companies who “hold their IT assets hostage”: Those IT companies which retain administrative access to their systems and don’t allow it even to corporate officers, don’t respond to service requests promptly, submit mysterious invoices, do not provide documentation for their customers’ systems, or any of a wide variety of other customer abuses.

All of our clients receive responsive, around the clock service for all of their IT needs, and those who require our BITS Rescue(sm) services receive a complete analysis of their requirements and their networks are brought up to the high quality standards we deliver when we install a system ourselves.

We ensure the system’s integrity and recover any data that may have been lost, provide off-site backups, audit system access and security, document the system, and perform a number of other services. When we finish, the system will be as efficient, secure, and well documented as if we had just finished installing it ourselves, and we will be there to continue delivering prompt, efficient service to you in the future.

So if you are not receiving the quality of IT support services that you need and see for yourself how it affects your business’s bottom line, then contact us at your convenience, before it becomes an emergency. We’ll make short work of putting you back on the fast track to success.

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