Thinking About IT Outsourcing for your Small Business?

Thinking About IT Outsourcing for your Small Business?

If you’ve ever thought about the benefits of computer support by outsourcing, it’s possible some misconceptions might develop. The word “outsourcing” doesn’t have to mean coming from another country. It can also mean a business within close proximity to you, yet providing only the IT services you need rather than being on a payroll. It’s a service those of us at XOverture IT Services provide for any company located in Los Angeles, California. Once you see how local outsourcing works, you may never want to go rely on an in-house IT team again for continual computer support.

Understanding a Business Before IT Support Begins
We pride ourselves in making sure we understand your business before we do anything. You may find it ironic that even your own in-house IT team doesn’t completely understand your business structure to fix things appropriately. At XO, we make sure your business structure is fully understood through our onboarding process. We’ll help you create a technological roadmap toward giving you exactly what you need and ways to avert issues.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Locally

Yes, we promise on-site support, because we won’t be all that far away from you if you live in Los Angeles. When an issue needs to be addressed, having someone there to help in person is going to be essential. While our IT company service should avert most problems, the complexities of IT means something is going to happen eventually. In our service level agreement, we’ll set up various response times based on how you rate a particular problem. For urgent problems, we guarantee we’ll be at your company within an hour. For low priority issues, we still guarantee a visitation within 24 hours.

Comprehensiveness in Support and Experience
The IT support you’ll receive by doing local outsourcing is going to impress you. That’s because we’ll cover everything, including remote assistance if you prefer. We’re also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, it’s the experience outsourced IT teams have that will show you the real difference when looking at small business it consulting. Our consultants have been around and know what to look out for, what the best technology is and the best methods to fix any issue.

Making Your Business Better
When we fix a small business IT issue for you, we want to make things better for you rather than just fixing something and moving on. If you keep working with us, we’ll keep coming up with new tech solutions that will continue to decrease any chances of something going wrong. Based on historical company-specific data, those decisions we make will be ones that truly help you rather than switching to new technology just for the sake of it.

Contact us so we can start working for you only when it’s absolutely needed. We also do round-the-clock monitoring of your systems to make that process even easier.

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