IT Consulting and Outsourcing a CIO

IT Consulting and Outsourcing a CIO: Understanding Your Business From Those in the Field

Your Los Angeles business is perhaps going through a major growth phase now and has to have a CIO analyze what type of technology you need to progress. As a small business, you’ve maybe never had a CIO in-house, yet likely wondered if you ever needed one. They’re essential when you need to put together an IT strategy to get ahead of your local competitors. But despite your growth now, you’re realizing hiring one is overly expensive.
At this point, you may balk on hiring a CIO out of fear the cost would outweigh the advantages in what they’d provide. This is a major dilemma, especially if you already have a CIO and have to keep one on the payroll during times when they aren’t immediately needed.
Turning to a CIO consultant is the answer for a number of vital reasons. If you’ve never used an IT consultant before, you’ll discover how affordable this option is, including having a more reliable knowledge base.
Take a look at how IT consulting with a CIO is the best investment you can make this year.

Evaluating Your Existing IT

The technology you already have needs auditing to determine whether you need to upgrade or use what you have to maintain your growth. Because this might only occur once a year, having a CIO on your payroll can become an expense that starts cutting into the gains you’re making.
Through a CIO consultant, you’ll get a technician who’s had experience in the field and knows what’s truly best for your small business. What makes consultants so great is they’ve worked for numerous companies big and small here in Los Angeles or abroad.
These consultants realize what works for other businesses like yours and can expertly audit your technology for reliable analysis. They aren’t out to sell you on the latest tech devices just because they’re popular. You’ll only get what’s necessary based on the next step: Figuring your goals.

Assessing Your Business Goals

You may have a basic idea of what your goals are for your small business, but you may not fully comprehend all the possibilities. With an expert audit from a CIO consultant, you’ll get a complete picture of what’s possible based on what you have and what you could easily acquire.
As a result, you’ll have new ideas on how to achieve specific projects or product launches. Using the right technology, it also steps up productivity so basic operations never give you risk of downtime.
Again, consultants know what works for businesses like yours, because they’ve seen it all. It’s not to say they won’t thoroughly analyze your business as a unique case.

Implementing an IT Strategy

Planning and executing your IT strategy isn’t always easy when you’re on your own. An in-house CIO won’t have the field experience to understand what technology to acquire, and may end up giving you something that doesn’t quite work.
The same goes for proper technology installation and implementation. Consultants are there to make sure new technology easily assimilates into your work culture without confusion. They do this through in-person training, though giving you infrastructure that’s instantly simple to use is always a top goal.

Using a CIO Consultant Again in the Future

After your consultant executes your IT vision, you just pay for the services they rendered. When you need them again, they’ll be there without having to pay them a monthly salary.
Here at XO IT Services, we have a reliable team of CIO consultants that can help your small Los Angeles business grow to the level you’ve dreamed.
Contact us to learn about our consultancy team and the comprehensive IT services we provide to help you thrive in the L.A. marketplace.

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