IT Consultants Preview Windows 10

IT Consultants Preview Windows 10

You may have been surprised to hear that Windows 10 is the next upgrade from Windows 8. You may even applaud the return of the Start menu but are not sure whether that’s enough to go through the hassle of upgrading your systems. Managed IT Services provider in Los Angeles can help you decide if these three new Windows 10 features are worthy reasons to switch.

Managed IT Consultants Helps You In Upgrading Your System

  • Virtual desktops. If you’re someone who sets up your desktop differently depending on your task, you’ll enjoy virtual desktops. For example, you can set up one desktop with all your graphics applications when you need to process pictures. You can set up another desktop containing your database and accounting applications when you need to tally your income and expenses. Then you can switch effortlessly between those desktops as needed. You can also open the same program, such as a word processor, on more than one desktop.
  • Enhanced snapping. In Windows 8, you can automatically snap two windows to the left and right sides of your monitor. But if you have more windows open, you need to arrange them manually. Windows 10 let you snap four windows to each corner of your screen. In addition, the operating system asks if you want a similar program snapped next to the one that’s already open. This lets you have more than four windows arranged automatically on your screen.
  • Improved search. The Search function now appears on the task bar. But it finds more than a file on your hard drive. It also looks for matches on the web, apps in the Windows store, or trending topics from Bing.

If you want to know more about the Windows 10 features that can help your business or company, or want us to handle the upgrade, which takes both time and effort, please contact us, your IT Consultant.

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