How to Clean your MacBook and MacBook Pro

How to Clean your MacBook and MacBook Pro

If you have either a black MacBook, white MacBook or a MacBook Pro, they attract dirt, oil & other blemishes which make them look unattractive. It is crucial to clean your White MacBook before it starts giving a brown shade.

Find a micro fiber cloth & alcohol-free electronic cleaning solution and follow the steps below (this can also be used for PC laptops):

  1. First remove the battery from the MacBook. This is done to prevent electrical damage.
  2. After this, put some of the cleaning solution on the micro fiber cloth.
  3. Fold the micro cloth into a square, so that one side can be used for holding the solution and the other for drying the cleaning solution.
  4. Clean the front side of the (mac and pc) in the small circular motions to make sure that the water marks are not left on the mac and PC.
  5. After this step, open the computer and follow the same steps to clean the keyboard. Do not forget to clean the space bar as this is the most used along with the palm rest & track pad.
  6. Clean the bottom of the Mac too, though it will not be as dirty as the front.
  7. After this step, you can replace the battery and resume your work.

The screens of both Macs and PCs can be cleaned in the following manner:

  1. Purchase or make a mild alcohol-free cleaning solution. The best way is to use distilled water (plain) or use a solution of 50:50 of distilled water and white vinegar if heavy cleaning is required.
  2. You can put this solution in a spray bottle. Make sure that you do not directly spray on the screen.
  3. A little amount of this solution is put on the cotton cloth (microfiber or any old t shirt can also be used). Make the cloth only moist, not wet, because a wet cloth can damage the system by leaving the water inside the system.
  4. Wipe the cloth across the screen in circular motions. You can use gentle pressure to remove streaks. Remember not to use excessive force while cleaning the screen, as it can damage the LCD matrix.

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