How CIOs are Predicting Technology with Cloud Services

How CIOs are Predicting Technology with Cloud Services

Chief information officers (CIOs) are sensitive to which way technology winds flurry. These individuals have spent their lives getting to the top by spotting technology trends. They have achieved this level of excellence through correct prediction of those technology trends. So where are today’s CIOs looking?

Cost Cutting
Doing more with less is a common IT mantra. No other field of IT allows cost cutting better than cloud services. By only paying for exactly what is needed, unused redundancy and hardware is a thing of the past. According to Gartner, cloud computing is expected to grow to be a $180 billion industry by the end of 2015. Perhaps this is why Business Insider reported that 84% of CIOs who switched to cloud computing cut their application costs.

Business Objectives
CIOs must understand how to leverage technology into a business goal. Adhering to business objectives may be why that same Business Insider report shows that 60% of CIOs main priority is switching to cloud platforms. These cloud platforms help conform workflows and allow companies to try ideas quicker. Cloud platforms also allow particular workers to try potential workflows without everyone being affected. This more immediate trial and error is beneficial to an organization. Being quicker to market, through the use of cloud technology, allows an organization to remain competitive.

Attrition Standard
CIOs have spotted a trend where hardware and software becomes cheaper every year. The problem these CIOs were having is finding the right time to invest. With a cloud platform, these yearly savings can be controlled without having to find the right time to invest. Perhaps this is why Business Insider reports that CIOs who switched their applications to the cloud see a 21% annual savings.

CIOs are under constant pressure to find the latest technology for their organizations. This strain can be difficult to control as new technology shows up so rapidly. By investing in cloud computing, these CIOs have found some relief. They are now able to complete better cost cutting, business goal adherence, and setup a workable yearly technology standard.

While not every company can use this cloud computing direction, most companies find that they can. To see if your company can benefit, let the leading provider in Los Angeles help you with it, please contact us.

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