Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

How Can VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Be Advantageous for Your Business?

VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a powerful solution for accessing your desktop from any location and on virtually any computing device.  The desktop environment, and all of the applications and data that go with it, are available to you flexibly and securely.

What are some of the ways that VDI can be Advantageous to your Business?

  • Many companies have a bring your own device (BYOD) work environment. There may also be employees working from home or on the road; even at the workplace they may be using a variety of devices, from desktop computers to tablets.  Employees from different companies, or from different branches of the same company, also need to collaborate with each other.  VDI supports work from multiple locations and on multiple devices.
  • It’s relatively easy to make updates to your desktop environment; all users will have access to the updated software or whatever other changes you’ve implemented.  Furthermore, if there’s a problem with an update, it can be simple to go back to the previous desktop image.
  • Using VDI can save you money by reducing the amount of downtime you experience.  Even if there’s a problem with one of your computers, you can still easily access the desktop environment with another device.  You can experience the benefits of increased productivity and efficiency.
  • You don’t need to invest as much money in new computer hardware; you’ll also be able to extend the life span of your current computing devices.
  • If your VDI is set up properly, you can benefit from enhanced security and backup recovery capabilities for your data.

Deciding to migrate to a VDI environment calls for careful planning.  It will require investments in software and in certain kinds of hardware (e.g. servers).  Initially, it might seem that you need to spend more money than you would if you were stick to your current IT configuration.  So you need to carefully consider what benefits you’ll get in the long-term.

How much will you save on future hardware purchases? How much will the productivity of your business operations increase? Will the improved computer solutions security for your data save you future financial losses by better protecting you from hacking and other security breaches? For some businesses, the move to a VDI environment might not lead to significant benefits; but for other companies, the enhanced ability to manage a dynamic mobile workforce securely and efficiently could make the investment well worth it.

Making the shift successfully to a VDI environment requires the input and assistance of IT experts; professional IT help will ensure that your VDI is configured securely and in the optimal way for your business. If you’re located in the Los Angeles area, contact us for a consultation and to enlist our assistance with implementing and managing your VDI environment.

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