Cloud Managed Services

How can Cloud Computing Benefit your Company?

Cloud Managed Services

There are several reasons why businesses should opt to invest in cloud management. Unlike traditional strategies, cloud technology offers security, global accessibility, greater productivity, as well as recovery in the event of data loss and disruption.

Companies suffer approximately $50,000 to $5 million from data outages and 70% of small business owners had to terminate their operation after the incident. Data breach, on the other hand, costs $3.86 million, according to Ponemon Institute.

Managed cloud services not only increase the resiliency and recovery level of the companies, it also offers a good deal of cloud computing benefits and solutions to ensure business efficiency, stability, and constant flow of revenue:

  • Reduce employee downtown
    In an environment designed to be highly productive, downtime equates to a cessation of work rates. According to Information Week, incidents like these cost companies more than $260 billion in revenues. On average, businesses lose $150,000 per year from internet downtime – the sum of which endangers the continuity and sustainability of their business operations.

    Regular monitoring of the company network is a good strategy in preventing – and addressing – the possibility of downtime. By subscribing to cloud managed services, companies can have a team of highly-skilled individuals tasked to comprehensively keep an eye on the flow and progression of the business operation. Having the system intact and preventing a probability of breakage is one of the many benefits of managed IT services that companies can avail and enjoy.

High involvement and participation level
Cloud platforms and applications have already gained footing in the business industry – and this is expected to continue for the next two years. In an article published by Forbes, it is estimated that about 95% of businesses are predicted to utilize SaaS model for application and service delivery. Meanwhile, there will also be a constant increase in IaaS at 83% and PaaS at 73%.

These figures not only altered the terrain of communication but also revolutionized the level of involvement and participation in the business industries. In a globalized environment, the strategic advantages of the cloud network can be harnessed and sustain through cloud-managed services provided by highly skilled and cloud-centric individuals.

  • Business management simplification

    One of the most tactical benefits of managed IT services for businesses is its capacity to simplify a vast array of complicated networks. By relieving the day-to-day demands of mundane responsibilities, cloud computing provides business owners with the space to focus on the most important goals and objectives of the company.

  • Cybersecurity provider

    Security threats and breaches, malware attacks, phishing, ransomware, as well as data leaks are common happenstance in a digital world. Risk-Based Security recorded over 3,800 data breaches in 2019. This is 54% higher than the recorded breaches from 2015 to 2018 combined. Business enterprise are particularly vulnerable to these incidents because cyber-attacks target small and medium enterprises. Attacks like this can cause 60% of small businesses to close down their operations within 6 months.

    Adding layers of security protocols, including encryption and multi-step user ID systems, can help prevent – and combat – these cyber illegalities. Having a consultant on cybersecurity and a group of IT security specialists can provide the latest trend and essential information on cybersecurity as well as security measures. These individuals can also build a secure and resilient cloud network that can withstand cyberattacks.

  • Reduce expenses

    Services from technical support not only save money from these expenditures by offering flexibility and enhanced collaboration, but it also stretches the boundary where both employers and employees can partake in the comfort and convenience of work-life balance.

XO is renowned for providing comprehensive cloud managed services coupled with extensive IT services. Their approaches are tailored to meet the business needs and deliver the business objectives. XOverture boasts an advanced cloud management technology and a pool of highly-skilled, cloud-centric IT experts dedicated for the continuity and sustainability of the business sector in this globalized era. Give your business the best footing by dropping us a message and contacting us today.

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