Google Apps for Business vs. Microsoft Office 365

Google Apps for Business vs. Microsoft Office 365

When you are responsible for coordinating multiple accounts and ensuring that both you and your team can access all of your important contacts, emails, and information anytime, anywhere, there is no better solution than cloud computing. And as cloud computing has gained ground in the computing world and begun to shape the way business is done, large and small companies alike have been eager to embrace the optimized functionality cloud services provide. They take away the stress of maintaining your own server, minimize downtime, and greatly increase reliability while ultimately remaining cost-effective.

Both Microsoft and Google offer cloud-based email and productivity services that perform similar functions while still maintaining their own unique advantages that set them apart. We know that an IT strategy that works for one company will not always work for another, so we want to help you decide which program is better-suited to streamline the operation of your business.

Google Apps for Business

Google enhanced and expanded the services it provides for individual users when they created Google Apps for Business. By combining the familiarity and reliability of services, like Gmail and Google Calendar, with professional-grade management and collaboration tools, Google Apps for Business generally appeals to larger businesses that prioritize ease of integration and management capabilities. New users are automatically synced to the cloud, making it easy to administer and oversee various accounts, keep everyone on the same page, and elevate your business to a higher level of efficiency.

Microsoft Office 365

The advantage of Microsoft Office 365 lies in the combination of its highly familiar Office software with communication and management capabilities that businesses need. With Office 365, you get an extremely reliable hosting solution that is backed up to protect against data loss in addition to the ability to access your email, calendars, and contacts from anywhere you have Internet access. XO offers a free 30 day trial of Office 365. If you want more information about Office 365, check out our other blog post by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

Google Apps for Business is easy to use, cost effective, and provides an easy transition for most users. Its management tools and sharing capabilities make it ideal for larger businesses.

Microsoft Office 365 is a great solution for businesses that are used to using the Microsoft Office Suite and rely heavily on the creation and sharing of spreadsheets and complex documents. It is efficient, feature-rich, and affords you the protection of a reliable server alongside the benefits of on-site hosting.

If you want to transition your business into the future by migrating to the cloud, XO is here to help you decide which program is right for you and then make the transition as smooth as possible. To find out how we can help you take full advantage of your resources and maximize your business’s efficiency with cloud computing and an optimized IT infrastructure, contact XO for a free consultation today.

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