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Many companies set out to position themselves as the leading providers of IT support Los Angeles, but somewhere along the way they lose sight of the meaning of excellent customer service. The larger a firm gets, the easier it is for its employees to lose touch with the initial service focus of the founders. We’re proud to say that we have experienced considerable growth in the last few years without losing touch with our commitment to our customers. We value the relationships we build with all of our clients in the LA metropolitan area.
Since the big success of newcomers like Uber, many companies are overhauling their model to reflect the trend towards customer-driven services. The name of the game is on demand. Among the many things we do, XO offers two newer business models: our software-as-a-service (i.e. Google Apps for Business) and our knowledge-as-a-service (IT support). We are in a digital knowledge-based economy, and we are always improving how we deliver software and other services to meet your needs. and what it implies for our industry.

What the Research Shows

A recent post on the Harvard Business Review blog shows exactly how packaging a service is changing how everyone is doing business differently to compete in the Internet-of-Things (IOT). Writers Joe Sinfield, Ned Calder, and Ben Geheb note how corporations like John Deere have migrated to new business models, such as marketing digital subscription services to farmers and operators of their heavy equipment. These authors noted three major shifts among old-line industries now introducing smart-connected products to compete in the digital market.
1. a shift from selling equipment to selling outcomes,
2. a shift from creating solutions that transcend the notions of products and services, and
3. a shift from value chains to value networks.

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Think Digital

Regardless of your industry, at some point, your company must dare to think digital. This could be brainstorming ways to sell a digital subscription, adding smart-connected components to your products, or creating an app so that customers can use your service anywhere or with greater ease. Consider how you can revisit your business model and perhaps provide products or services to customers. Brainstorm the types of digital business models you might create to keep customers happy and outpace the competition.

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Study the Competition

It is quite possible that a quick survey of your major competitors reveals how they are already going digital. In the age when everyone can drive for Uber and thousands of apps hit the market every day, your company cannot afford to stay stuck in the twentieth century. One of the biggest cautions that companies in your situation need is not to invest heavily in IT projects without first doing your research. For every idea you have to revolutionize how you deliver your value proposition, there could already be a competitor who has done it. Be sure what is out there and what is not. Then, decide how you can quickly shift resources or invest in new ones to go digital.

What We Can Do To Help

If you are considering moving to a digital business model and want to build the platform to deliver it or you just want increased IT support for platform-based operations, we’re here to help. We have cloud computing, managed IT services, and a team of IT consultants ready to tackle the next phase of your business growth.

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Pick Our Brains

If your organization is like most in this fast-paced digital world, you don’t have enough in-house IT professionals to keep pace with the demands of customers. Typically, you must outsource some IT services and augment your IT staff throughout the year according to changing business conditions. We encourage you to find the best IT support provider in Los Angeles that gives you the highest level of service for the money. For more information, please Contact us. Let’s discuss how you are going to go digital today.

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