Cloud Services To Help B2B Business

Finding Cloud Services That Can Help Your B2B Business Deal with Growing Pains

The most recent statistics show the use of cloud services in companies nationwide continues to grow. Yet, those same statistics show plenty of headroom still available in using the cloud for more business services. This perhaps gives indication the potential of the cloud isn’t fully realized in everyone, especially in businesses starting to experience growing pains.

Your B2B business is perhaps on that road now, and maybe you’re still sitting on the fence wondering whether using cloud services could help you reach your goals. As a result, it’s important you know some extra things about the cloud to show the potential of what it can do to help your business grow in a more competitive business world.
No matter what B2B industry you’re in, competition is no doubt becoming more intense than ever. Business opportunity is thriving, so having the right tools available to help you stay ahead of the herd is an imperative in the times we’re living in.
Ultimately, the cloud is there as a backbone to help provide myriad other tools that helps you in the realm of communication. Plus, you have access to many business tools to help speed up critical projects.
Let’s see how the cloud can keep you in the competitive race.

Cloud Services To Help B2B Business Deals

Quick Access to Data

Collaborations are a major part of business growth. You’re possibly working on a business project at the moment that requiring constant communications with your team to get your project fully realized. Because all of you travel for business considerably, there isn’t any time to meet in person, which would put you multiple steps behind without proper technology.
The cloud lets you access and share data with all of your colleagues while apart. Whether it’s file sharing, or gaining access to hardware and software, it’s all embedded in the cloud server. All of it has easy access via mobile devices, just as long as you have Internet service.

Utilizing IT Models

Plenty of other services are available through the cloud like Software as a Service as just one. You also have Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service as more examples of having all business tools readily available in the cloud.
Having these assets instantly available saves you money having to buy physical software and hardware. While you’re in the middle of the growth stage, you obviously still need to stick to a budget, and using cloud tools already saves you tremendous money.
Upgrading is also a problem that you can eliminate with your cloud business tools. Rather than having to spin plates and take precious time away doing updates, your cloud provider automatically updates for you. With the cloud, you have easy scalability as well to add more tools there and data when needed.

Preventing Downtime

The most recent evidence shows downtime continues being a major financial burden for companies everywhere. Infrastructure failure cost is now estimated at $100,000 per hour, and application failures are up to $1 million. These astounding numbers show far too many companies aren’t investing in things like the cloud that can prevent the excessive cost of downtime.
Disasters are inevitable in today’s unpredictable world, so you can’t become complacent to anything happening to your B2B business. If your business headquarters becomes destroyed, you can get back on your feet the same day thanks to the easy accessibility of the cloud.

Basically, your entire business can get stored in the cloud with safety and security. You can get back to business and continue your journey toward business growth without severe financial setbacks.
Here at XO IT Services, we have excellent cloud solutions for you with predictable service fees. No more will you have to worry about the other excessive cost of maintaining your own server that could fail on you during a business growth period.
Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive IT services serving small and mid-sized businesses throughout the Los Angeles area.

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