Feeling Overwhelmed By Changing Technology? IT Consulting Services Can Help!

As Windows 10 is rolled out, businesses are once again reminded of the fact that technology refuses to stand still. In fact, the arrival of a new Microsoft operating system is likely one of the less-disruptive changes your company will face in the near and mid future. Larger trends, such as the ongoing shift to cloud computing and SaaS, are bringing about much more meaningful changes across all industries. Add evolving technologies like disaster recovery and advanced data security, and it’s no wonder that many companies find themselves confused by the technological landscape. What can you do to discover the right path?

Hiring a company that offers IT consulting is the perfect way to have the best course professionally charted for your business. This will save you or your in-house tech team from having to spend hours of time, and perhaps thousands of dollars, trying to figure out which advances are worth pursuing and which ones are better off ignored. Consultants can also advise you on which technologies are promising but aren’t yet ready for a business environment. Here are a few good things to ask XO IT consultants:

IT Consulting Services: Let the Professionals Guide You

Should we Upgrade Our Office PCs to Windows 10?

Thousands of offices use PCs for everyday tasks, and an upgrade can seriously disrupt operations if it doesn’t go well. On the other hand, keeping the old version isn’t a good idea if that version isn’t meeting current needs. We will work with your business to devise a plan that will allow you to keep up with changes while minimizing that disruption risk. Our suggestions may include backup methods, timing of updates, and the even ways to preserve the ability to roll back to prior versions if the new one turns out to not be ready for prime time.

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How Much Concern do we Need to have about Data Security & Disaster Recovery?

Data security breaches seem to hit the news all the time, with some companies losing control of the personal information of millions of customers. Even small companies have come under cyber attack and suffered costly breaches. Security companies have leveraged these events to promote the idea that everyone needs to be set up like the electronic equivalent of Fort Knox.
This, however, doesn’t mean that it is a must-have – or even useful – for all companies. Simply put, if your business isn’t storing sensitive personal information or isn’t open to certain risks, it doesn’t need the same sort of protection as one that does so. Be sure to ask our consultants about this technology so that you can make the proper decision about which security measures your business actually needs.

Should we Buy Software or go with a SaaS Version?

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is making huge waves now. In some cases software that was once available for purchase is now only available over the internet in this format. The new paradigm basically turns software into a rental item, but that isn’t all it does. It also frees your company from having to spend time with updates and from most system compatibility issues. Is it best for your business to choose a SaaS option or look for one that you can own and control? We’ll help you arrive at a well-thought answer that considers how the benefits and drawbacks apply to your company.
These are just a few of the big questions that companies are facing today. Our IT consultants will work closely with your company to arrive at the proper answers. You won’t get blanket advice because we make sure we understand your business, its needs, and the challenges it faces before drafting a plan for its technological future. To get started on your custom road map to IT success, just Contact us here in Los Angeles. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.

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