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You may not think that you need managed IT services in Los Angeles, but if you want to give your business the technological edge in this increasingly digital marketplace, it would behoove you to consider getting managed IT services.

Top Elements Of Managed IT Services

So, what are managed IT services? Believe it or not, a decade ago, the top Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) leaders had a meeting, and they came up with a proper definition of managed IT services. Namely, managed IT services are “the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object, by a third-party typically known as a MSP, on behalf of a customer.”
Managed IT services can incorporate a number of things, but the most common elements of managed IT services include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Data backup and recovery for different devices, including desktops, laptops, servers, storage systems, and networks.
  • Mobile device management: as more and more companies move to a mobile platform (i.e., smartphones, tablets), these systems need to be managed, as well. Managed IT services can incorporate the management of mobile devices into their plan for the client, should the client’s needs call for same.
  • Proactive management of all computer and network systems: a proactive management approach to systems allows for the proper maintenance of said systems; this is different from a reactive approach, which only maintains the systems after there has been a breach in security.
  • Complete transparency in billing: any time a managed IT services company submits an invoice to a customer, complete accountability for all services performed — and the appropriate charges for services performed — needs to be part and parcel of a proper managed IT services plan.

If your business is in a specialized field — such as financing/banking, medical, or legal — you will not only require managed IT services, but managed IT services that are specific to your specialized field. These vertical markets, as they’re known, have seen an exponential increase in demand for managed IT services…and we’re pleased to be able to provide such services for you!
So, why should you hire us to handle your managed IT needs? Here’s a list of reasons why XOverture is your number one managed IT service provider:

  • We’re local. We’re pleased to serve our customers in the greater Los Angeles area — which means that if you need us, we can get to you.
  • We’re always around. Aside from being local to Los Angeles, we have someone available by phone 24/7/365. We take pride in being able to offer same day & in-person support and services.
  • We’re quick. We do our absolute best to resolve the problem you have the first time you call us.
  • We’re experienced. Our employees combine an unparalleled educational background with years of IT experience and industry-specific specializations. The result is a team of knowledgeable and intelligent staff that won’t stop until they get the job done…and perfectly, and to their high standards.
  • We’re happy to tailor a plan to each client’s individual needs. No two clients will require the same IT needs, so we’re pleased to create unique plans that meet each individual client’s specific needs.

In short, our role is to support our clients in meeting their business objectives. Although there are similarities, each of our clients’ businesses is unique. Our goal is to cater our services accordingly, and every one of our clients is given our full, undivided attention. Because of our in-depth understanding of your business, our IT experts act as an extension of your team. And because we’re local to Los Angeles, your company receives both the cost savings of outsourcing and the availability of same-day, on-site support.
Contact us today if you’re ready to discuss your managed IT needs.

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