Cyber Security Risks

Cyber Security Risks, Solutions and Services

          The internet has grown from a set of simple webpages to a thriving ecosystem. All people living in the first world now have access to an endless stream of info. This broad access has made the internet more than just a place full of silly cat videos. The economy sees the World Wide Web as a huge part of commerce and the number one marketing tool available.

      The benefit of taking a business online cannot be stressed enough. According to a poll made by, 76% of all US adults now shop online. This is a large figure definitely worthy of attention. This means that even a partial online presence can dramatically increase your business growth.
      Increasing your online presence can greatly boost your business. Of course, no great venture is without risk. Doing so can also seriously threaten your security. A big part of having an internet presence is having a great cybersecurity system. This includes a reliable IT team, monitoring, and software that can stop threats in their tracks.
     Below, we have outlined a bunch of cybersecurity risks that may threaten your business’s safety. With proper cybersecurity solutions, each issue can be looked at and solved. Read on for a shortlist of online dangers and how to combat them.

Cyber Security Breaches

      One of the most potent dangers to any online business is the dreaded security breach. Security breaches have become more prevalent and tend to become more dangerous as your business scales. Take, for example, the infamous Facebook breach of 2018 that left 50 million user accounts compromised. While trying to fix and diffuse the situation, the Facebook stock fell from a height of $209 to a low of $125 in five short months!
      Though the situation was eventually brought under control, the breach put millions of people at risk. In addition, it severely damaged Facebook’s reputation. CEO Mark Zuckerberg landed in hot water and lost a lot of user trust. Even now, Facebook’s is often under question from Congress and economists alike.
      All businesses, regardless of industry, can be targets of a security breach. Sometimes a single hacker can topple a strong network. In other instances, mobs of hackers can organize DDoS attacks. Hackers can bring your entire network offline simply by flooding your website.
      Such an intense cybersecurity threat requires constant vigilance. A great solution for keeping your business safe from breaches is having a smart cybersecurity consultant. Consultants provided by IT/Security companies are specifically trained. It’s their job to stay up to date with emerging threats and security measures. These guys are always able to detect danger and offer ways to prevent it. Having one on your side can go a long way in stopping security breaches.

Mobile Cyber Security Threats

      When picturing a security breach, you no doubt imagine a hacker clicking keys on his laptop. The image of a hooded figure checking through lines of code is what we’re all used to by now. However, more and more users are now beginning to prefer their mobile devices over desktops.
      This rising trend has led to the emergence of a new type of hacker: the geek with the cellphone. One of the main threats to be weary of now is mobile hackers. The biggest problem when it comes to dealing with mobile hacks is that they often present themselves in innocent ways.
      Take for example, data leaks. Company workers often store their passwords and access emails on their mobile devices. While this makes their jobs easier, it can lead to serious trouble depending on the employee’s mobile usage. Most of the Apps we download ask us to access our data –some are harmless, but others can seriously threaten business security.
      Phishing is another deadly cybersecurity threat. Phishing schemes are often hard to spot on desktops. On mobile devices, they can be even sneakier due to the way many email clients display only the names of senders. Hackers and bad agents pretending to be members of your team can trick others into revealing important info.
      A good way to prevent mobile security threats is by using multi-step user ID systems. Another is by providing only a few members with access privileges. Smart cybersecurity services can provide both of these solutions and more. Having a dedicated IT team in control of both desktop and mobile security can help you keep control over your business data.

Poor Cloud Security

      Many businesses these days tend to back up their data to the cloud. Using cloud services is a great way of stopping data loss and saving money. However, while cloud services can make it easy to transfer data, they can also leave your business open to threats. A poorly managed cloud can lead to severe data theft.
      Luckily, a crack team of IT security specialists can help create a strong and secure cloud network. One of the first things your team should do is secure your cloud with an encryption. Encryption makes certain data available to only a select few. This practice prevents outsiders (and even some insiders) from accessing sensitive info. 
      By encrypting certain data, your team can control user permissions and access. This allows them to better monitor your business info and records. Thanks to the cloud’s automation, this security measure can be regularly updated with routine patches.
      Having cloud software can make a big difference in keeping your business active and secure. By having a well-managed cloud system, you ensure proper cyber protection.

The Perfect Cyber Security Provider

      Cybersecurity risk management is best handled by the pros. By outsourcing your security services, you can have an entire IT team working on your behalf. The monitoring, updates, and cloud systems offered will ensure that your company stays safe.
      At XO, we take pride in providing our clients with the best cybersecurity measures available. Our team of IT consultants provide 24/7 monitoring, cloud, and scaling support to ensure the safety of your business. Contact us today to grow your business safely in the digital age.

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