Cloud Services - Reduce Business Risk and Increase IT Security

Cloud Services – Reduce Business Risk and Increase IT Security

If you’re interested in migrate your business to cloud computing in Los Angeles, you’re joining a growing number of businesses making the choice to reduce IT service costs. Many businesses that are reluctant to transition their in-house IT infrastructure to the cloud often don’t consider how secure and beneficial cloud services can be. Those that have migrated IT functions to the cloud were studied last year to gather their opinions. The results show them experiencing unexpected advantages, especially in the realm of security that was a potential deterrent for many small businesses considering moving their IT services to the cloud.

The Study Conducted by Microsoft

The best proof comes from none other than Microsoft who conducted a study of business owners last summer. In the study, they found the usual concerns about cloud security were still there. Of all studied, 60% still cited it as a major issue, along with 45% mistakenly thinking they wouldn’t have control over their data.

No doubt this was due to stigmas that some cloud security breaches reported in the media created in the marketplace. While security is a perpetual issue with every IT service, you might be surprised at what Microsoft found with those small and mid-sized businesses who finally moved their file servers and Microsoft Exchange servers to the cloud.

Proof of Better Security in the Cloud

In the above Microsoft analysis, it was found that once a business saw the benefits of cloud computing, they realized security was better than before. This is because they could gain access to security features through the cloud that were sometimes impossible to achieve through a server located in their businesses utility closet. When it comes to updating security, the cloud can take care of it for you automatically without manual intervention.

As many as 94% of those surveyed said they experienced this security revelation. There were other high numbers for a renewed sense of privacy and improved service availability.

Spreading the Word About the Cloud

There isn’t a doubt that having Microsoft at the helm of this study has helped convince many businesses that cloud computing ultimately helps save time and money for businesses with local IT services. With innovation a much-needed aspect to business in Los Angeles, not having the worry of dealing with security issues is one thing business owners shouldn’t have to worry about.

Here at XO IT Services, we’ll provide hosted solutions for you through the cloud with all of the security, privacy and ease of use you’ve heard about. Contact us and take better control of your business by storing your data in the cloud for easy access anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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