Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

There are few things more unimaginable and scary for most businesses than losing valuable data. Oftentimes, this data is irreplaceable. In days gone by, this necessitated backing up data periodically, either to CDs or to tape backups, or in some cases to another onsite server. Today, though, there is a better way to leverage the cloud: cloud disaster recovery.

Cloud disaster recovery and backup represent advantages over traditional backup in a few different ways. The first advantage is the ability to quickly come back from a disaster. With traditional backups, in the event of data loss, the backups would have to be transferred onto new equipment. In the worst cases, propagating these backups through a large system could take hours or even days–interrupting your business in the process. With cloud backup and disaster recovery, this doesn’t happen, because everything is stored remotely and information can be accessed from anywhere. That means that when disaster strikes, backups are minutes away instead of hours, providing your business with true business continuity in case of emergency.

Let XO Manage Your Cloud Backup

Another advantage of having XO manage your cloud backups is that you don’t have to worry about backups anymore. XO will manage and monitor your backups remotely as part of its Managed IT Services, so they’re always there when you need them. You won’t need to worry about climate control and storage, as was the case with older technologies, because all of that is done for you.

And let’s not forget the fact that cloud backups are much more reliable than older methods. Most older methods of backups–whether it be tape, CD, or server backups–are destined to fail eventually. Not to mention, these types of backups have to be manually performed on a set time schedule. With cloud, everything can be backed up instantly without you needing to worry about it. Best of all, because everything is stored on many encrypted machines, data loss is much less common.

The last factor that makes cloud backups such a stellar option is the cost reduction over traditional backups, which need to be stored. This storage incurs costs for your business, both in climate control and space concerns. Of course, since cloud backups are managed offsite by XO, you’ll save bundles on climate control and storage bills.

So consider cloud backups for your business. There’s nothing to lose, and certainly much to gain. The advantages over traditional backup methods are astounding, and more reliability and reduced costs are something that any business can get behind. Contact Us

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