Why Canadian Businesses Use Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services

For many people, “the cloud” is an abstract and obscure concept. As a result, it frequently gets neglected. However, when business owners take the time to understand the cloud and the benefits of utilizing it, a multitude of opportunities become available to them. Taking advantage of a private managed cloud hosting service can provide businesses with increased agility, scalability, flexibility, and profitability.

Innovative advancements consistently make technology more accessible and enable businesses to streamline processes that once seemed tedious or complicated. Private cloud hosting has helped countless businesses throughout Canada track, secure, and manage their data. This can be a complicated process which is why so many companies are taking advantage of private cloud hosting service providers, like XOverture, who help setup, launch, and implement a cloud solution that complements your business needs.

What is a Private Managed Cloud Hosting Service?

First off, what is the cloud? The “cloud” simply refers to the idea of storing and accessing data via Internet servers instead of on a standard hard drive. It’s a virtual storing of data, rather than a tactile one. For individuals, this might mean backing up photos from your phone so that, if something happened to your phone (the physical location of your data), you could still retrieve your photos from another device because they were backed up virtually (making them accessible from various physical devices that have Internet access: phones, laptops, PCs etc.)

Businesses usually have more complex data needs beyond basic data storing and backup. Many industries must abide by government regulations that require them to track, secure, and protect sensitive data. This is where a private managed cloud services provider like XOverture is beneficial. We help businesses throughout Canada store their data on secure servers while managing and running programs when necessary. For sensitive business data, it’s imperative to utilize a provider that offers private cloud hosting rather than a public cloud. You want to guarantee that all data is secure and isolated–not only for safety reasons, but government mandates insist data be stored in this manner. XOverture offers secure and customized services that cater to your unique business needs and data requirements.

Implementation of Canadian Cloud Hosting Providers

The shift to utilizing information technology has been tremendous and most businesses are still playing catch up. Many CIOs are still struggling to switch from the mindset that reducing costs is the end-all-be-all and, instead, embrace the mentality that implementing and running mission critical processes will be more beneficial in the long run. Technology will not cease to advance at rapid speeds; businesses need leaders who are piloting innovative ideas. Successful organizations are focusing on increasing agility and scalability in order to be more dynamic and sustainable—something that can’t be done without embracing the cloud.

Private Cloud Solutions: A Flexible Option in Canada

Private cloud solutions equip enterprises with the ability to secure and share data solely within their network. Every organization manages its workflow differently and this is why service providers like XOverture offer customizable cloud hosting services. One size does not fit all when it comes to data storage and backup solutions. Our expert IT team can help design and implement a private cloud solution that accommodates your business’ specific needs. Additionally, we offer completely managed services and 24/7 support so you never have to worry about technical difficulties disrupting productivity.

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Government Regulations and Data Compliance

As a business owner, it’s imperative that you understand the difference between a public versus a private cloud server. Anyone can access a public server, but a private cloud stores date separately so only certain people have access to it. Private cloud servers provide increased security which is useful for industries like healthcare, cannabis, and finance that are required to adhere to strict data compliance regulations. Private cloud hosting providers also help businesses in these fields avoid fines by ensuring they remain compliant. Trustworthy cloud hosting services have helped numerous Canadian businesses gain control over their data while providing peace of mind in the knowledge that their data is protected.

Holistic Utilization of Your Resources

Resource management can become difficult as many organizations struggle to achieve optimum utilization. Virtualization allows for the sharing of resources and an experienced Canadian cloud hosting service will help you decide what solution works best for your personal obstacles.

A private cloud solution will decrease the overall power usage and physical rack space required to store data. Having a data center that is close also makes data management easier and the use of the cloud will empower you to utilize virtual applications which can increase workflow and productivity.  

Scalability and Exceptional Performance

Utilizing a private cloud hosting service in Canada reduces the risk of capacity or resource contention. With an experienced cloud host, scaling your business is as easy as deploying a new server on the private cloud. (And if that’s confusing to you, it’s not a problem because it’s not your job—it’s your cloud host provider’s!) Rather than cluttering your workspace with onsite bare metal servers and wasting valuable time configuring physical hardware, let a private cloud hosting service provider implement and manage a solution that can effortlessly grow with you.

Data Security is Best Left to Professionals

Is your organization equipped to withstand a security threat? Data security is a major concern for every organization. Data breaches are becoming a more serious threat and IT departments are feeling the pressure to implement reliable data protection plans.

Cyber security is always best left to professionals. There is no room for negligence and an experienced private cloud hosting service has the knowledge to setup a security system that will protect your data. XOverture professionals work 24/7 to monitor data and ensure that the latest security measures are implemented. When it comes to keeping data secure, a dedicated Canadian cloud hosting service is your most reliable option.

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Does your organization need a Canadian Cloud Hosting Service?

It should be obvious at this point: If your business wants privacy, security, flexibility, high performance, and complete control over your data, you absolutely need to implement a private cloud hosting service solution.

Cloud service providers like XOverture have worked with countless Canadian businesses to help them deploy solutions that not only promote efficiency and data protection, but enable businesses to save time and money down the line by working proactively to avoid potential setbacks and designing a customized plan that can scale up at a moment’s notice. Our hosting services also allow you to run diverse applications simultaneously on single tenant hardware.

Numerous Canadian markets are on the verge of major expansion—is your business equipped to withstand the growth? XOverture is ready to help you make the most of a growing economy without compromising budget, security, or value.

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