Benefits of Using Cloud File Servers: Universal Accessibility and Reliable Security

Benefits of Using Cloud File Servers: Universal Accessibility and Reliable Security

The benefits of using cloud file servers are many when compared to dealing with the organization of files any other way. Even if you’ve managed to move out of the world of storing paper files in file cabinets to digitally scanning those files, it’s how you organize them on a database that’s going to make a difference.

Just storing them on your own server can potentially bring more risk than true organization.
Take a look at what cloud file servers can do to bring a better sense of organization while bringing you a connectivity that changes everything.

Benefits of Using Cloud File Servers:

Save Money Not Using Your Own Server
If you run a business, then you know what the costs can be running your own server. Keeping your files organized there may require increasing the size of your server space and costing you more money in the process.

By moving your files to the cloud, you’re consolidating all your files in another location that doesn’t require maintenance and paying for recurring IT support. You also don’t have to worry about the possibility of your server ever crashing or slowing down. The cloud is always available and working at high speed.

Connecting Anywhere and Universal Collaboration
Thanks to being on the cloud, you can connect and access your files anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can do that through mobile or on a tablet.

Plus, you can do file sharing online and collaborate with your fellow employees through various online permissions. This can save time having to meet in person back in the home office to discuss a particular crucial document.

A Better Sense of Security
When going through the cloud, your sense of security is improved through the use of encryption as well as having your files secured there in the event of disaster.
With natural disasters increasing, your own server could be destroyed without having a secure backup source to store your files. The cloud saves all your files as you create them and will be easily retrievable when you need to keep your business going after disaster strikes.

The Benefits of Using Consultants
When you choose a managed cloud provider that works as an IT consultant, you have much better chances of working with experts who have more extensive experience.

Here at XO IT Services, we work as consultants and know what’s really going on out in the real world of technology. An in-house team may not have enough knowledge to manage your files effectively like we can. We also provide 24/7 support so any concerns can be addressed day or night.

Stop playing risk with your valuable files and transfer them to the cloud right now. Contact us and we’ll do a careful onsite analysis to see if the cloud is right for you.

We’ll make sure that the transition is easy and that you and your team understand the true value of how it’s going to change the efficiency of all businesses.

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