Amplifying Your Online Security

Amplifying Your Online Security

Utilize These Tips To Safeguard Your Business
Business owners have always had a number of plates to keep spinning, but in the modern era they need to juggle online security on top of everything else. This has made protecting your business information more difficult than ever. To help safeguard your company against a breach, we would like to offer these tips.

Amplifying Your Online Security:

  • Set Up Auto Update: Your computer has security safeguards that will be updated as the manufacturer advances their technology. Make sure that you have signed up for those updates to automatically install. This will ensure that you do not become an easy target for a hacker due to outdated security measures. Also, ensure that you have anti-virus software and spyware detecting software installed and that it automatically updates as well.
  • Change Your Passwords: When you install your computer system, it will come with preset usernames and passwords. If you leave these passwords in place, you make it easy for a hacker to get access to your computer and the information stored on it. Change your passwords as soon as you install a new system.
  • Use The Available Precautions: It is very worth your while to add another step to your log in process in order to protect your information. If your employee logs into your system remotely, for example, give him or her a token with a second password that changes periodically. Also, invest in software that will monitor outbound communication to ensure no information leaves your system that should not and to alert you if there is any unusual activity in your system.

You do not have to figure out your online security alone. For all of your IT and cloud service needs, Contact XO in Los Angeles, California. We are here to offer you the best and best safeguarded managed services.

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