What is Dedicated Internet Access?

You Own A Business? Dedicated Internet Access Is For You!

The internet is the heart of any business today. Although businesses have a choice to choose from a shared internet or dedicated internet, opting for the latter allows them to perform day-to-day operations effectively without worrying about the bandwidth. Multiple users access the same internet connection in shared access and while dedicated internet access offers a single internet connection solely reserved for a business or user.

Regardless of the amount of data your business needs, with dedicated internet access, you enjoy a set bandwidth of data speed all the time. So, when you consider investing in an internet connection, dedicated internet access or DIA is for you! Let’s know more about it in detail including the options available in DIA, how it works, and its benefits.

What Exactly is Dedicated Internet Access?

For any business that needs constant access to cloud applications, dedicated internet access can be quite beneficial. Any high-volume emails or instant skype calls can be enhanced by the dedicated internet’s speed and capacity. Moreover, a dedicated bandwidth speed also makes transferring and sharing typically large files easy.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, business operations got disrupted both internally and externally, therefore business continuity has become vital more than ever. Implying, for survival in the business world today, it is important to have a reliable internet connection. High-quality dedicated internet access with high speeds helps you with quick access to data and critical applications as and when required. Also, it can keep your business connected to employees, customers, and partners with just a click away.

Apparently, there is a downside to dedicated internet access, i.e., price. Dedicated internet access is quite expensive as compared to regular broadband. For 100 Mbps, dedicated internet access can cost approximately $1000, whereas a broadband internet connection may only cost $100 to $200 per month. However, if you have apps running out of a data center or your organization is a sizable group of employees, dedicated internet access is worth the cost.

Options Available in Dedicated Internet Access for Businesses

Businesses that require an internet connection for browsing, basic applications, and emails, and have a limited budget might consider opting for a shared internet or regular broadband connection. However, as mentioned earlier, businesses using cloud applications, video calls, and high-volume emails, would definitely need dedicated internet. You can choose from the following options available in dedicated internet access for your business:

  • Fiber,
  • Copper, and
  • Wireless

All these three connections have a symmetrical speed, come with a service level agreement, and offer a high quality of service. However, Fiber and Copper internet connections are highly reliable as compared to the wireless internet connection. On the grounds of cost, Fiber can be reasonable in comparison to Copper and Wireless internet connections.

How Dedicated Internet Access works?

A private connection is established between an internet service provider and the business (customer) premises through dedicated internet access. This implies that you solely will have the access to the bandwidth you are paying for, i.e., there will be no other users sharing the internet connection. Also, this is the reason the speed you get is the speed that is advertised.

Moreover, dedicated internet access provides the same upload and download speed. Most of the shared internet access services provide low upload speed which is directly proportionate to productivity. However, having an adequate speed is important considering if your business transfer files, use remote offices, use video conferencing, or access cloud services. With a direct internet connection access, you can easily transfer files, stream audio, do video calls, and deliver cloud connectivity.

Potential Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Dedicated internet access, being the purest form of internet, makes sure that there is a reserved speed bandwidth for your business network. Since there are no restrictions on monthly usage, businesses can easily manage their emails, host their website, and support any critical applications.

Power and Speed

The connectivity speed of dedicated internet access can reach up to 1 Gbps, as dedicated internet access provides a fiber-based connection between the internet and your local area network. With the opportunity to scale up when your business grows, your internet speed provider will also give you the ability to choose the connection speed that best fits your business.

Dedicated Customer Service

Along with being fast, dedicated internet access can also be considered reliable. Technical issues get solved within a blink of an eye, as there is 24-hour support and monitoring. However, if something does go wrong, the business will have access to technical support that can help them resolve any issue in time.

Your dedicated internet access agreement must cover technical support availability, uptime speed, average repair time, packet loss, and more such perks. Moreover, you are also entitled to compensation from your internet service provider if your expectations aren’t met.

Increased Productivity

Rather than focusing on everyday network management, your IT team can focus on important projects with a dedicated internet connection and support your business.

Enhanced Security

If your business handles sensitive data, it is crucial to safeguard your network nowadays. Dedicated internet access strengthens your overall cybersecurity, therefore, investing in network infrastructure will leave you worry-less, especially on the part of outside threats.

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