What is Managed Cloud Services

What is Managed Cloud Services and how can it Help your Business

As technology advances, managed cloud opens opportunities for companies to harness the power of cloud computing. It not only affords access to the most recent innovation in information technology, but it also enhances the business owner’s cloud experiences and provides a tactical space where progress can be plotted and worked on.

A study conducted by Clutch found that in 2017, to boost engagement and return on investments, approximately 70% of commercial establishments and organizations in the United States have begun maximizing its technological potentials. Digital strategies cover various slants on cloud infrastructure and applications, as well as computing services.

Managed cloud computing services boast advancement that relates to virtualization. It enables companies to consolidate resources that may be scattered among clients. In general, there are three cloud-computing services that business owners can avail: back-end of the cloud application managed fully by the vendor, cloud services such as processing time, memory, and bandwidth selected based on business objectives and paid by the client, and cloud-computing scalability.

Advantage of cloud computing to your business

Aside from resource consolidation, data processing, and storage, cloud technology also warrants new business processes that entrepreneurs – including startups – can employ and take advantage of:

Remote Workforce

Prior to the age of digitization, a distributed workforce is simply impossible. Staff and personnel are required to conduct their designated duties and responsibilities within the bounds of an office. This setup poses a lot of drawbacks, including productivity loss and added expenses. Cloud technology not only affords a company to pool a diverse set of individuals with distinct skills and talents: more importantly, according to PGI News, it enables them to save as much as $600 billion a year from in-office workplace distractions, absenteeism, rapid turnovers, as well as lease, and other upkeeps.

Flexibility and efficiency

By linking Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with APIs, cloud computing enables access and collaborative processing.

Regardless of geographical locations, employees of businesses who avail of cloud computing services can connect from different devices and perform their designated duties and responsibilities efficiently. Moreover, work flexibility saves an average of 25 to 40-minute commute time and reduces workplace-related stress.

Automated processes

Employees spend an average of 10 hours per week on repetitive and manual processes. Automation forges a new terrain where tedious ventures are transferred to the cloud, hence saving 65 days that could have been lost per employees and alloting these days in more meaningful undertakings.

Data security

It is not uncommon for companies to worry about the possibility of data breach and cybercrimes. Having foreseen these prospective scenarios, cloud technology and storage providers have installed security measures to ensure cloud data protection while retaining cloud integration. Having a reliable IT team within your reach will not only protect your company from cyber attacks but also ensure its maximum security.

Disaster recovery

Data loss also comes as a major business concern -,, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2017, 140,000 weekly hard drives failed in the US. This rendered 60% of small businesses vulnerable to eventual termination. In response to this, cloud infrastructure offers a digital space where data can be stored and recovered – even after a virus attack and hardware deterioration.

By 2020, 78% of commercial enterprises are expected to employ cloud services. Cloud computing offers not only flexibility and efficiency: it also provides data security and tactical values that businesses can employ as society advances and accelerates.

At XO, we place a premium on meeting your business needs. With an advanced cloud management technology coupled with IT experts for 24/7 support and monitoring, we provide comprehensive cloud computing services for you and help you ensure the materialization of your business goals. You can harness the power of cloud computing by contacting us today.

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