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Top 10 Best Internet Providers In Los Angeles (2024)

The widespread usage of the internet in business has created new opportunities for branding and advertising. In 2018, retail e-commerce sales totaled $2.8 trillion, and that number is predicted to rise to $4.9 trillion by 2021. Small businesses and established brands alike may use the internet to sell their products, generate leads, and reach their target audience at the right moment and in the right context in this interconnected world.

So, to achieve new heights in your business you will have to hire an internet provider who provides excellent services in terms of connectivity, speed, and cost-effective packages. But first, let’s know the uses of the internet for your business and the Best Internet Providers In Los Angeles.

Uses of Internet

Electronic Mail (email)

Email is the most common and major use of the internet. People flocked to email to instantly share information, data files, photos, videos, business conversations, and any other files. This improved corporate efficiency by allowing people to communicate more quickly. An email has significantly decreased the use of paper and the pressure on physical mail infrastructure.

Despite the fact that other recent collaboration technologies offer a wealth of functionality, Email remains the most preferred method of official and personal communication. There are numerous free email websites that provide mail services, and almost everyone has an email account and is connected via email. Email concepts paved the way for the development of several new collaborative tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Internet enables businesses to connect with all of their clients and form a strong customer network. With a methodical follow-up, new customer leads can be produced through this CRM platform and converted into prospects and orders.

This portal allows the organization to create visibility for its marketing campaigns and service program. Customer reviews and inputs are used to increase the efficiency of the company’s operations and propel it to the next level.

Supply Chain Management

The production process has also been altered by the internet. Software that optimizes the stages and identifies when more things are needed can be used by your organization, and internet-controlled robotics systems can help you make items faster.

The internet enables online systems to automate orders, as well as logistics management platforms that can discover the finest suppliers and optimize routes to help you save money and satisfy your clients’ needs, can help when you need to refill parts or procure other supplies. The internet also aids inventory management with technology such as real-time tracking tags that may be attached to objects.

Business Research and Analysis

The internet’s relevance in business management may also be seen in how it has made it simple to research competitors, keep up with industry trends, and manage complex data.

You may find decision support and business intelligence solutions that can show you real-time performance information and contain helpful dashboards with essential statistics for each department, in addition to completing manual searches online and using business databases. These technologies can frequently extract data from various sources, allowing you to make better decisions and respond more rapidly to changes in your business and market.


Business development is aided by the Internet. It provides businesses with the possibility to expand. Promotion using the internet is a method of reaching a company’s target market and increasing profitability.


A number of social networking sites play a significant role in bringing together like-minded business people. Most business owners use these platforms to find partners and personnel who have been beneficial to their company.

New Opportunities 

Because of the Internet, new business prospects have emerged, and some successful small business entrepreneurs have emerged since then. Anyone may establish an online business by using the Internet, and it may be the most effective way to do it.

The Best Internet Providers In Los Angeles

Here are the top internet providers in the LA region:


Price: On request

Download Speed: 512 kbit/s

Rating: 3.5

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XO’s take on Skyriver

Skyriver’s powerful business Internet service outperforms many Internet providers in Los Angeles, with guaranteed symmetrical speeds up to GigE. Their internet service is designed for real-time apps and cloud computing, with low packet loss, latency, and jitter, making it an excellent alternative for organizations that use 4K video conferencing and VoIP.

Although several customers have complained about their poor customer services, people, in general, are happy with their service, internet speed, and packages. So, we recommend that you can enquire about the quality of customer service in your area before opting for Skyriver Internet Services.

One Ring Networks

Price: On request

Download Speed: 32Mbps

Ratings: 2 star

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XO’s take on One Ring Networks

One Ring Networks is a Los Angeles business broadband internet service provider that offers cutting-edge fixed wireless broadband, fiber internet, and 4G LTE wireless solutions that can drastically improve your company’s internet connectivity.

Their internet service is optimized for real-time apps and cloud computing, with extremely low packet loss, latency, and jitter, making it an excellent alternative for organizations that use 4K video conferencing and VoIP.

The technical specifications and customer service they offer are par excellence, yet frequent and long outages are a complete turn-off.


Price: Starts at $49.99

Connection Type: DSL, Fiber Optic

Download Speeds: DSL – up to 100 Mbps, Fixed Wireless – up to 200Mbps

Ratings: 4.5

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XO’s take on AT&T

AT&T offers some of the highest download speeds available, with connection rates up to 1,000Mbps and upload speeds up to 35Mbps on its fiber internet network.

In general, AT&T’s prices and speeds are pretty competitive when you compare it with other business internet providers.

Also, AT&T requires no annual contract for internet service in Los Angeles. Because they do not have an annual contract in place, they charge an early termination fee. So, if an early termination fee doesn’t bother you, AT&T is the internet service provider for your business.

Cox Communications

Price: starts from $50

Download Speeds: 10Mbps to 940Mbps

Connection Type: Small Business Internet, Fiber Internet, Dedicated Internet

Download Speed: Small Business Internet – 940 Mbps, Fiber Internet – 1 Gbps, Dedicated Internet – 100 Gbps

Rating: 2

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XO’s take on Cox Business

Cox Business is a business internet service that includes, among other things, reliable internet connectivity, 24-hour tech support, and over 65k plus free public hotspots. Their equipment is business-grade, and they enable fast speeds up to 100 Gigabits per second. Cox’s high-speed internet plans are undeniably pricey, but a few perks such as speed and robust customer support help compensate for the cost.


Price: starts at $35

Connection Type: High-Speed Internet

Download Speed: 100Mbps

Rating: 4

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XO’s take on AerioConnect

The company provides symmetrical and asymmetrical GigaFiber networks to its commercial clients. In addition, the organization provides Wi-Fi network site inspections and testing. AerioConnect employees are accessible for technical assistance and maintenance of clients’ existing systems at all times. Customers praise the company’s staff for their efficiency and punctuality. However, customers do occasionally complain about intermittent slow speed. So, if you can deal with speed fluctuations occasionally you can opt for Aerioconnect high-speed internet.


Price: starts at $75

Download Speed: up to 10Gbps

Rating: 3 (Yelp)

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XO’s take on GeoLink

GeoLink offers enterprise-class connection with ClearFiber Fixed Wireless Internet. They have award-winning 24/7/365 In-House Customer Support. GeoLink enables rapid installation services in 4-10 business days. Customers praise GeoLink for its customer support, however, they are unhappy with the frequent downtimes.

Review from Yelp

Our GeoLinks Internet goes down every Saturday at the same time, crippling our business. We’re a medical supply store that is open on Saturdays and GeoLinks’ service is terrible and unstable – we can’t use our VOIP phones, can’t call customers, and neither can process credit cards.

So, this review is important. It will help you in making a decision whether to go with GeoLink internet services or not.

CenturyLink for Business

Price: starts at $50

Download Speed: 84Mbps

Rating: 3.5 (Yelp)

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XO’s take on CenturyLink For Business

CenturyLink offers a variety of billing solutions, including flat rate, usage-based, and aggregate billing. They provide efficient online service management that includes a customer portal with access to billing, interactive network utilization reports, managing trouble tickets, and real-time SLA reports. Experienced IP and Security professionals provide specialized operational assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Price: starts at $23

Download Speed: 70 Mbps

Rating: 3.5 (Yelp)

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XO’s take on Tierzero

Tierzero is a privately held Internet service provider with over 20 years of experience in Los Angeles. Dedicated Fiber Internet, Fixed Wireless, and Ethernet over Copper are among the services offered by the corporation, which primarily serves commercial and business clients. It also offers managed Wi-Fi networks, allowing consumers to get the greatest connection possible in their area. The company provides a cloud-hosted phone system with an app that allows customers to convert their personal phones into corporate phones.

Tierzero is acknowledged by its customers for its commitment to them and the quality of its service. However, customers frequently complain of super slow internet speed, often no internet at all. Issues were raised regarding hidden charges as well, such as the $750 move fee.

Starry Internet

Price: starts at $50

Download Speed: 200Mbps

Rating: 5 (Yelp)

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XO’s take on Starry Internet

Outrageously fast internet, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and you can pause or cancel anytime are a few pluses that make Starry Internet the first choice for any business.

Starry reliably delivers the speeds you expect, even during peak usage hours, thanks to 5x the capacity of a wired network. At any given moment, up to 60 devices can be linked.

They are also known for their warm, friendly, knowledgeable customer service available 24/7.

Fiber Internet Center

Price: quote on request

Download Speed: between 50Mbps to 100Mbps

Rating: 4.4 (Yelp)

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 XO’s take on Fiber Internet Center

Winner of Best Internet Service Provider – 2021 Best of Palo Alto Award.

The company caters to commercial clients, such as enterprises, hotels, and multi-office buildings, and provides fiber networks. It has teamed up with Evocative to offer data center collocation services to clients. In addition, the organization offers managed internet solutions as well as round-the-clock monitoring. Fiber Internet Center is praised by customers for its dependability and product effectiveness. XO recommends Fiber Internet Center because of the positive reviews from the customers.


In today’s world, business success is impossible without the internet. The Internet revolutionized education, communication, and data collection and distribution. Businesses can also use the internet as a data management resource to develop unique and creative solutions for their customers.

Choosing the Best Internet Providers In Los Angeles service for your business is of prime importance. You can choose from the mentioned internet service providers. But do so with care as the internet is the backbone of any business and one wrong decision can stall your business growth.

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