Time to Hire an Employee for IT Support in Los Angeles?

It seems like you and your staff are spending more time dealing with digital technology rather than practicing law. A sales associate is trying to figure out why Internet access is down. Your secretary is spending an hour upgrading the word-processor application because she has to get a deposition out. And your partner is having little luck in eliminating a virus on her smartphone that has come out of nowhere.
Is it time to hire a full-time computer specialist?
First, you’re going to have to decide what type of specialist to hire and whether you have the budget for the employee. If you need someone to fight daily fires, a support specialist averages $53,660 annually according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If most of your problems lie with records, then a database administrator can take care of them at $80,740 per year. If viruses plague your systems, a security analyst is what you need at $91,210 per year. Or maybe all three computer experts can provide the necessary coverage?

Don’t forget all the other expenses that can add 20 percent or more to the base salary. Things like Social Security and Medicare taxes, health and 401(k) benefits, state unemployment insurance, and office equipment. And who’s going to spend the time to train and manage the new hire?

A better alternative, which avoids the complications of an employee, is to hire a third party to manage your computer needs. For a monthly retainer, or if you prefer, on a per-project basis, our company can beef up your digital security, manage upgrades, improve your network, and do everything with your systems that need doing. Why don’t you contact us and find out how we provide services and IT Support in Los Angeles

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