How to Fix Computer Burning Smell

Reasons Why Your Computer Is Giving Out A Burning Smell

Experiencing a strange odor from your computer? One of the most common reasons is the malfunctioning of your computer’s cooling system. You don’t need to panic though! Strange smell from your laptop or computer is not a piece of positive news, but it may not be fatal. There can be ample reasons behind such strange odors.

The blog is going to explain the reasons behind the burning smell coming from your computer, and how you can fix it!

Reasons Behind The Burning Smell And How To Fix Them

Facing an irritating odor from your computer and not being able to identify its origin might blow your mind. Some possible causes may include:

  • Insufficient or blocked cooling vents due to dirt or dust. If this problem arises, carefully clean off the cooling vent (Tip- use vacuum hose for cleaning).
  • The computer case starts burning if it doesn’t get enough air, which can cause the computer to start burning and emitting a burning smell. In this case, stop your computer immediately and take it for repair as soon as possible.
  • Another reason may also include LCD filament. If you notice a burning smell from your LCD screen, you need to look out for its LCD filament and replace the entire monitor. Motherboard malfunction can also cause a burning smell as well.


It is highly recommended to take your computer to an authorized technician if your computer starts emitting a burning smell. Do not try to fix your computer, even if you are good at handling the insides of computer machinery.

Turn off your computer and just allow it to cool down, and check for the possible reasons behind this burning smell. It is advisable to remove the battery of the computer or the laptop when trying to identify the reason for the burning smell.

However, it is sensible to contact the technician from the brand itself to have a look at the computer. Other technicians might not be able to provide authentic components and accessories to fix the issue.

Remember, not all the burning smell indicates an error in your computer. At times, the electronic equipment has that burning smell. But to avoid any kind of repercussions, it is advisable to take your computer for instant repair.

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