Managed Service Provider: World-Class Support

Managed Service Provider: World-Class Support

In a world of technical complexity, service is critical.  Cost center owners may be tempted to cut corners where possible, but service is an area that should not be compromised.  The risks are too high.  What good is expensive hardware and software that is not properly supported?  Every enterprise, small or large, should consider the importance of keeping experts at the ready to deal with the inevitable incidents that may arise in any technical environment.

Managed Service Provider To Handle Wide Array Of Incidents

Smart business managers ensure there is a capable managed service provider to support their IT infrastructure. These days many qualified IT service professionals make use of the fully developed practices that give them the best leverage to efficiently manage the issues that arise on a daily basis.
Aligning with industry best practices, experienced and knowledgeable IT service professionals handle a wide array of incidents and service requests for their customers, including (but not limited to):

  • problem management
  • change management
  • configuration management
  • capacity management
  • release management
  • security management

IT service management today is provided using industry-wide support strategies.  Services are generally offered to customers in various grades, from basic to premium support — depending on a customer’s stated requirements.  Individual incidents may have differing priority assignments, from administrative to mission critical.  The handling of incidents and service requests are provided by technicians and engineers who may be classed as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level support (3rd being the expert tier). Services that the IT professional team will offer to the customer are ultimately written, upon consultation with the customer, into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) document, which is then used to evaluate the performance of the IT support team.

Is your organization making use of the best resources for service and support of your IT network assets and architecture?  XO’s Managed IT Service portfolio includes ultra-responsive technical services, insightful IT consulting, and business-changing cloud solutions. Why don’t you contact us today and find out more?

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