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Managed Service Provider: Keep Control or Surrender

Under the pressure of budgets and regulations, more enterprises are going to the managed service provider who can take the pressure away while keeping abreast of cyber regulations. The speed of migration to the cloud and maintenance after migration is a managed service coming from these managed service providers. Users at both ends can access data and technology over the internet.

Retaining Control
It is true that a company can keep their IT support within the physical space they have available. However, it is not always the most practical, prudent or efficient path to travel. Several factors will raise questions surrounding the most effective way to handle IT needs and requirements:
• Does staff have the expertise?

• Can the company grow and expand if support stays in-house?
• Will the budget continue to support IT control?
• Is the time and effort worth the sacrifice of business generation?
• Can the business support the level of risk inherent when roadblocks surface unexpectedly?
• Is the organization fiscally able to support increase in research, development and implementation time necessary when IT services remain on-premises?

While the answer to these questions might be affirmative, the cost may become prohibitive. Projects may encounter down time as onsite support attempts to solve issues that pop up with some aspect of company technology. You need to analyze the effectiveness of your in-house support staff to anticipate and their ability to solver issues quickly.

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Managed Service Provider Have Benefits

The current cost of a qualified CIO or qualified systems administrator is north of $60,000 and it is important to realize that qualified is not a synonym for experienced. A managed services provider for several clients will encounter few problems that are “new” to them. If onsite support staff needs to update training, chances are they will be MIA in order to attend those training sessions.

A proficient managed service provider can dispatch personnel to a training session in a staggered pattern so that nobody is missing in case of an emergency. Some of the other benefits of a switch to the managed service provider include:

• Reduction in costs
• Intellectual property management
• Improvement in operations performance
• Allocation of internal resources for strategic projects or business operations
• Keeps the focus on company business

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Raise the White Flag

Sometimes, surrender is the best way to proceed. Outsourcing IT support is an unnecessary move for some businesses. However, those who migrate to managed services reap the benefits of (1) risk reduction, (2) business continuity in the face of disaster, (3) regulation compliance and (4) scalability when business is either slow or increasing.

If you are on the fence because you feel that a surrender removes control, then it is time to get more information from XOverture IT Services in Los Angeles. Contact us for assistance and more information when you reach the point where outsourcing to a managed service provider is a real possibility to meet company needs for IT support. We are ready, willing and able to help.

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