Managed IT Services in Los Angeles

Managed IT Services in Los Angeles Let Your Company Avoid Communication Problems

The biggest complaints people have about outsourced IT services center on communication. Some have problems with techs that can’t speak proper English, but that’s just one of the issues that often arises. Techs who seem like they aren’t really listening to people’s problems are another big thorn in users’ sides. A similar problem is the tendency for some techs to read “solutions” off of a sheet, one after the other, even if the customer claims to have already tried the suggested step. All of these problems leave support users feeling like they’re talking to a wall – a wall that is unlikely to help them fix anything.

Managed IT Services Handles It All For You

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Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all of these problems. Our managed IT services in Los Angeles start with local people who know how to speak perfect English, so you can be sure that there won’t be a language barrier to deal with when seeking support. We also make sure our techs know about your company’s computing system, all of its software, and any specific practices that make your company unique.
One of the things that sets good managed IT services apart from the rest is the manner of training. We send an employee out to the customer’s location to learn how everything works, get in tune with the company’s business practices and plans, and find out which issues are the most likely to come up. Then this information is used to develop an IT support plan that will truly cater to users’ needs. Boilerplate responses are eliminated, while the methods that are the most likely to provide results are used. This allows us to achieve a satisfaction level that can’t be matched by a company that just hands its techs generic sheets for common systems and tells them to start picking up the phone.

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We know that not all companies need the same types of IT support, so we offer a wide variety of plans. Remote support is one of our most popular options, and it allows users to call or email to get solutions to their tech problems. For larger clients, we offer on-site service so people can get immediate, live service. We also offer consultations, planning services, and more. To find out more about our LA-based IT services, just contact us. We’ll be happy to help your company meet its technology goals.

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