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Let Our Los Angeles IT Support People Complete Your Team

If your company has been overwhelmed by IT support issues, you’ve likely considered outsourcing. Such thoughts are often accompanied by visions of your employees calling services that are based across the country or even out of the country. Then, the audio track to the nightmare scenario kicks in with thoughts of people who barely speak English responding to your desperate cries for help by reading off some boilerplate that doesn’t even apply.

Our IT Support Team Understands Your Issues

Luckily, this nightmare never needs to occur. With our Los Angeles IT support service, you’ll get help from people who are right in your area or even right inside your company. That’s right – we have plans that allow for one of our employees to remain on site in your company during your normal business hours. Of course, not every company needs to have on-site tech support. Therefore, we also offer a number of remote support solutions. With these remote solutions, you’ll still have the benefit of dealing with local personnel.

Our outsourced IT support solutions don’t stop with the provision of locals to deal with your technology issues. We also make sure that we understand your business model, your specific software and computer configurations, the general technical expertise of your staff, and more. This ensures that you won’t have to fight with a techie who insists on reading steps off of a standardized sheet or someone who just can’t imagine that you’re running X-program on Y-machine.

Managed tech support from XO IT Services doesn’t stop with simply helping your staff get through errors or understand complicated software. We can also take care of things like software updates, security patches, hardware configuration, equipment repairs, and more. If you want even more support, choose our virtual CIO service. With these plans, we provide consulting and strategies to help ensure that your IT department is in sync with your overall business goals and the technology requirements that go with them.

To learn more about all of our on-site and remote IT support services, just contact us. We’ll be glad to tailor the perfect plan for you and your company.

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