Managed IT Services Get Your Technology in Order

Let Managed IT Services Get Your Technology in Order

As your company’s IT needs grow, it becomes harder to keep everything in order. Both software and hardware become obsolete over time, security patches need to be applied, and everyone who has any IT trouble needs to be helped. At first, it seems easy to keep up with things, but it doesn’t take long for the demands of the rest of the business to take the time that was once devoted to technology.
The best solution for this is to outsource your company’s IT needs. Managed IT services in Los Angeles can handle every aspect of your IT so that you and your staff can concentrate on the rest of the business. Here are some of the services they do:

Managed IT services in Los Angeles

The Initial Consultation

Good IT service providers don’t just set you up with a subscription for a generalized support call-in service and then leave. Instead, they come in and audit your current IT systems and operations, compare these with your business’ needs, and devise a full solution that will meet all of your tech-related requirements. By starting with this extensive consultation, they can be sure that what they offer won’t leave you hanging.
Once this is done, you’ll be offered a number of solutions based on what aspects of your IT operations you want them to manage. Even if you do turn out to only want telephone support services, you’ll get a better solution than you would if you went with a cut-rate provider. This is because a good, full-service provider will provide help that is based on your company’s technology and specific software and hardware configurations – not a generic help desk.

Most companies will want more service than just call-in tech support. For example, your company may also need:

Hardware Suggestions

Computer hardware stays current longer than software, but it still becomes obsolete or insufficient on a regular basis. Your consultation will reveal aspects that are better off upgraded, hardware components that your current system is missing, and components that you can do away with. Making the recommended changes will make your systems more efficient, less prone to failure, and more stable. Often, upgrading or adjusting your hardware will increase software stability as well.

Software Suggestions

The software is what you and your staff will interact with the most, so your IT management company will spend the most time working with it and helping those in your company work with it. First, your IT consultant will suggest better types of software, needed upgrades and updates, and add-ons that will help you use technology to handle more of your business needs. You may be surprised to find that many of the things you are doing are now better done with cloud-based software and services. Using the cloud provides many benefits that can’t be matched with on-site installations, such as automatic updates and better security.

Ongoing Management Solutions

Once everything has been upgraded and tuned, it’s time for the ongoing IT management services to begin. Depending on the size of your company, you may need anything from an onsite CIO and team all the way down to a call-in service center. Thanks to the extensive technology audit performed at the beginning of your relationship, the company will be able to suggest the perfect level of service for your needs.
After a plan is agreed to, techs will be brought to your location and trained in your specific hardware and software configuration. This will ensure that they can provide quick answers to tech questions that are genuinely useful. Your company’s IT needs will be fully taken care of, and you’ll be amazed at how much more efficiently things run.

To learn more and set up a consultation and technology audit, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help you get all of the benefits from IT that modern technology offers.

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